Cornel West: Hillary ‘Can’t Even Take Responsibility’ For Losing, Bernie Would Have Won

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Harvard Divinity School Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy Dr. Cornel West argued that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who West endorsed, “would’ve won if he had a chance.” He further slammed former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by saying she “can’t even take responsibility for the fact that she lost the election.”

During a discussion on police shootings, host Bill Maher critically accused West of drawing a false equivalency between Clinton and Trump. West pushed back, saying that he argued that while Clinton was bad, she was better than Trump.

Maher later said Clinton’s first speech was about mass incarceration. West countered that Clinton gave speeches about lots of things, but they didn’t have much integrity. Maher took issue with this point. West then stated, “Look how they treated Bernie Sanders, man. … Bernie would’ve won if he had a chance. He would have won if he had a chance. Don’t defend Hillary. Hillary can’t even take responsibility for the fact that she lost the election.”

After further discussion about West’s attitude towards Clinton, he later added, “She needed to win Wisconsin. She needed to win Ohio. She didn’t go to Wisconsin. She lost because she didn’t go to the right places.”

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