FS1’s Rob Parker: McGregor’s Comments to Mayweather ‘Come Off as Racist’

Fox Sports 1 contributor Rob Parker reacted Thursday on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” to Conor McGregor telling August boxing opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr., “Dance for me, boy.”

Parker said he has a “hard time listening” to McGregor’s comments because they “come off as racist” to him.

“I’ve got to admit, and I know that’s Conor’s M.O. and how he operates and all that, but it just doesn’t feel good to me. I have a hard time listening to it. I’m not even talking about the curse words, just the tone of it. I’m going to say this, Skip. It comes off as racist to me. Just the term about boy and dancing, and all of that. I don’t think that that’s necessary. I don’t understand why that’s a part of this whole thing,” stated Parker.

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