Limbaugh on Sergio Dipp: ESPN Losing Subscribers, Money Because of ‘Erroneous Assumption’ Diversity Is What Makes Country Great

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh reacted to ESPN Deportes reporter Sergio Dipp’s awkward Monday Night Football appearance, saying Disney is losing money because of ESPN’s “erroneous assumption” that diversity makes the United States great.

“In service of their definition of diversity, they are not finding the best, they’re not finding the most talented, they’re not finding the most professional,” argued Limbaugh. “As such, it’s a disservice to the people they are charging a lot of money for to watch their network. They owe it to people to put the best they’ve got on and their definition of the best does not include an assessment of talent. It includes their definition of diversity.”

“It’s silly and it’s insulting to people to say the only thing that matters about them is their skin color, the only thing that matters about them is their heritage. Those are identifiable characteristics that have nothing to do with the kind of person someone is, unless people are talked into letting those things speak for them rather than who they are,” he added.

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