Howard Dean: The Democratic Party ‘Is Becoming Irrelevant’ – The ‘Juice’ ‘Is From People Who Don’t Think They’re Democrats’

During a discussion of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” former DNC Chair Howard Dean argued that the Democratic Party is becoming “irrelevant” because the party’s “juice” is coming from people who don’t see themselves as Democrats.

Dean responded to a question on whether Clinton’s book helps Democrats move on from 2016 by saying, “So, here’s the interesting thing, actually, for the party, they want this to go away. But the party is becoming irrelevant. Because the juice in the party is by — is from people who don’t think they’re Democrats, and that’s young people. They are determined. Trump’s win was a rejection of every value that young Americans have, and they are determined to turn that around. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen them willing to engage in institutional politics. They’re doing it on their own terms, on the Internet. And actually, Hillary’s being very helpful.”

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