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Trump: I Have Signed the Pledge

Thursday Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced he has signed the Republican National Committee’s pledge stating he would not run as an independent candidate if he does not win the Republican nomination in 2016. The pledge that was sent to


Trump: Kanye West Loves Trump

In a press conference revealing that he will sign a pledge that he not run against the Republican Party at Trump Tower in New York City on Thursday, the GOP front-runner responded to a question about his feelings on Kanye


Clinton Spox Fallon: ‘I Don’t Know What Wiped Means’

Hillary for America Press Secretary Brian Fallon declared, “I don’t know what wiped means” when asked whether Clinton turned over the “wiped server” to the DOJ on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.” Fallon was asked, “You said that she’s done


Distraught Syrian Family Lie on Train Tracks

Dramatic scenes unfolded in the Hungarian town of Bicske on Thursday when a distraught Syrian refugee pushed his wife and their young child on the rail tracks in protest over Hungarian authorities. Hundreds of Syrian migrants were ordered off the