Chris Christie Reverts to Town Hall Format That Has Helped in the Past

Trenton, NJ

With a drop in popularity at home in New Jersey and negative national headlines for comments about vaccinations and travel habits and expenses, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears to be reverting to a format that has helped his image in the past – the local town hall meeting.

As Bloomberg reports, Christie will hold a town hall in Moorestown, New Jersey, on Wednesday, February 25. During his 2013 re-election bid, Christie carried 60 percent of the vote in Burlington Country, where Moorestown is situated. The venue may give him a reasonably friendly environment conducive to an effort designed to bolster his image – and potentially his numbers – at home, if not nationally.

As he continues to weigh an expected bid for the 2016 GOP nomination, his sagging numbers in his own state are sure to be seen as a drag on his effort if they don’t improve.

The town hall setting has also served Christie well in the past when he’s used it to take on issues and opponents in what has become his trademark style.

Wednesday’s event will be an opportunity for Christie to put his New Jersey bombast back on display. It was at a town hall-style event that he memorably sparred with a teacher in 2010. (See video below.)

Recapturing some of the magic that helped Christie gain national attention as a fighter and potential Republican candidate for the presidency in 2016 certainly couldn’t hurt.