Super PAC Launched to Support Rick Perry

Washington, DC

Friends and associates of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry launched the Opportunity and Freedom PAC on Thursday, a Super PAC to raise and spend money on behalf of Perry’s effort to secure the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

As with other prospective contenders, Perry has yet to officially declare.

A senior adviser for the effort, Austin Barbour, spoke to the Associated Press for this report: “We want to focus on introducing Rick Perry to the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — and throughout the country. I don’t think when he ran in ’11 and ’12 many people got a chance to truly understand his background. He’s got an incredible story to tell.”

Perry somewhat infamously crashed and burned in 2012 due to some early gaffes. His challenge now will be to get a second chance to introduce himself to prospective primary voters:

“I don’t shy away from the fact that I have been preparing. Preparation’s done. I’m ready,” Perry said in a January AP interview. “But I will announce at the appropriate time my intentions.”

Perry was thought to be a leading contender in 2012 for a time before quickly flaming out. He’s among several likely 2016 candidates to have the benefit of supportive super PACs.


“We’ve got some folks we’ve talked to in the first few hours who are ready to step up and step up big,” Barbour said, declining to release any names. He said the organization would release names of new political supporters and donors in the coming days and weeks.