Scott Walker Tells South Carolina: ‘Good Vibe out There’ for 2016 Run

Scott Walker
AP Photo/The State, Gerry Melendez

From the Chippewa Herald:

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Wrapping up the first of what are sure to be multiple trips to South Carolina this year, Gov. Scott Walker said he hasn’t heard the call to run for president yet, “but there’s a good vibe out there.”

Walker has now visited the first three states of the 2016 presidential nominating cycle, including multiple trips to Iowa and his first visit to New Hampshire last weekend. Earlier this year he said he would only run for president if he felt called to do so.

“People are excited,” Walker said Friday during a brief interview with the State Journal after a breakfast event in Rock Hill, South Carolina. “They know our story, they’re looking for leadership and I think they appreciate what we’ve done in Wisconsin.”

Walker dismissed a recent poll showing his approval level in the state dropping to its lowest level since the 2011 protests against his collective bargaining changes.

“You see that consistently every year when there’s an election,” Walker said. “When people see the results, see property taxes are down, I think when the budget is finished you’ll see things go up. Particularly with 4.8 percent unemployment and the fact that we’ve got much higher labor participation rate than the rest of the country shows people are going back to work.”

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