Bill de Blasio To Hillary: Show Me The Money

AP Photo/John Minchillo
AP Photo/John Minchillo
New York, NY

If Progressive policy is a form of currency among Democrats – and it is today – then Bill de Blasio’s message on Meet the Press this morning was loud and clear – show me the money, Hillary.

The New York mayor heaped praise on Hillary as a candidate and will undoubtedly end up in her corner, but this is an interesting development. In the end, he may be doing it to help her. After all, now when he comes out in her corner, she will have won over Progressives, right? In what is proving to be one of the most stage-managed announcements in political history, it’s a bit difficult to believe that de Blasio, who managed Hillary’s successful Senate bid in 2000 is hitting her here with anything she didn’t see coming.

One of Hillary Clinton’s closest allies refused to endorse her this morning.

In 2000, Bill De Blasio was the campaign manager for Clinton’s Senate bid. This morning, now mayor of New York City, De Blasio refused to endorse Clinton for president.

“We need to see the substance” from Hillary Clinton, De Blasio said.