Chris Christie Ad Torches Hillary Clinton on Planned Parenthood

Chris Christie / YouTube

In a new video released Tuesday morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie challenged Hillary Clinton’s record of supporting Planned Parenthood — even after a new undercover video investigation questioned their ethical practices.

On Monday, Clinton slammed Republicans for attacking Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, defining it as an attack on women’s health — a position that Christie described as ridiculous.

Part of the transcript below:

Now you see, the real issue here that Secretary Clinton won’t address—is the conduct of Planned Parenthood. Do you think that Planned Parenthood should be able to use federal funding to kill children in the womb in a specific way, so that they can maximize the value of body parts that they then sell on the open market for profit? I’ll tell you that I think most common sense Americans believe that that conduct is reprehensible, should not occur at all, and certainly should not be funded with tax payer dollars.

My position on this is clear. We defunded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey nearly six years ago and I’ve vetoed it seven times since then. I don’t believe taxpayer money should be going to Planned Parenthood.

Now Secretary Clinton, why don’t you answer this question: Do you support the conduct of Planned Parenthood in the killing of children in the womb in a way that maximizes their body parts for sale on the open market?

Secretary Clinton, answer that question. I just did.