Ask Ben: God


Linda Michaelson, Tulsa, Oklahoma asks:

Dr Carson: Do you believe God is working through you to show the American people how to turn their country around and return it to its true and righteous destiny?

Dr. Ben Carson:

I do believe that God is heavily involved here because, quite honestly, I was intending, after a very arduous career in neurosurgery, to retire and to relax, and my wife was looking forward even more than I was. But, you know, sometimes the Lord has a different plan for you and, you know, as it began to become apparent to me that, you know, I was supposed to move in this direction, I still wasn’t that enthusiastic, and I said, “Lord, I really am not all that anxious to move into the political arena, but if you truly want me to do this, then you need to open the doors because all the pundits say that it’s impossible for someone like myself to organize a national campaign, to have enough financing, to be able to carry out a national campaign, so if you want me to do it, then you’ll just have to prove them wrong.” And, interestingly enough, he has proven them wrong, he continues to open the doors, and I promised him and I promise you that I will continue to walk through the doors as long as they are open. If they close, I’ll sit out.

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