Hispanic Woman: Donald Trump ‘Great Mentor’ in Latino Countries, Better than Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump invites Myriam Witcher 35 on the stage during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on October 8, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Myriam Witcher – the Hispanic woman whose enthusiasm for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump made headlines – says Trump is a “great mentor” in Hispanic countries and she has more admiration for Trump than former GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

“Mr. Trump is our great mentor in so many Latino, Hispanic countries. He’s a well-known person. We feel very high respect, especially if we’re intellectual,” Witcher said during an appearance on Fox News Friday afternoon. “He’s the best mentor in my life.”

Witcher – who was born in Colombia – also said former GOP nominee Gov. Mitt Romney is a great man, but Trump is better.

“Romney was one of a great man too, but Trump is higher than him,” Witcher stated, referencing intelligence and “genius” people in America.

“He’s [a] brilliant person and his I.Q. is very high and we want a genius person,” she said. “I have love and passion for America.”

Witcher said Trump appeals to her and she has “very high respect, admiration” for the billionaire. “Mr. Trump is a visionary, great businessman. I love and have [a] passion for business.”

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asked Witcher, “Did you guys plan this?”

“No. Mr. Trump and myself – I think we have the same personality,” she said, addressing speculation that the Trump campaign planted her at the event.

“I want our country to be in good hands,” Witcher added.

“Three nights ago, I had a dream with Mr. Trump and I was shaking my hand,” Witcher recalled. “I saw it in my dreams.”