Electability: Trump Beats Hillary In PA; Bush, Kasich Lose

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The Associated Press

With the latest state polls again making fools of the pundits who claimed Donald Trump’s popularity had flattened or was diminishing, the latest general election poll out of the swing state of Pennsylvania shows that Trump has a better chance of taking that state than Establishment favorites Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

Currently, Trump beats Hillary 45% to 43%.

Jeb Bush loses to Hillary by -5 (40-45), Kasich loses -2, Ted Cruz loses -6, Santorum and Huckabee lose by a whopping -8 and -9, respectively.

Marco Rubio beats Hillary by +3 (45-42), Chris Christie is up +4 (45-41), and Fiorina is up +1 (43-42).

The last argument the GOP Establishment has against Trump is that he cannot win the general election. Recent polls like this one are killing that argument, especially when you have Trump doing better than Jeb and Kasichin a pick-up state like Pennsylvania that hasn’t voted for a Republican president since 1988.

A Fox News poll released Tuesday showed Trump beating Hillary nationally by +5, 45-40.

In the Pennsylvania Republican primary Trump and Carson are statistically tied. Trump is +1 with 24%, while Carson sits at 23%.  Everyone else is in single digits.

Now that Hillary has declared war on the NRA and guns, Pennsylvania probably looks more in play today than it did when this poll was taken before the debate. 


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