Des Moines Register‘s Jennifer Jacobs: Sanders May Upset Hillary In Iowa

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas holds a town hall at Praise Community Church in Mason City, Iowa, Friday, Jan. 8, 2016.
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
Des Moines, IA

The Des Moines Register’s chief politics reporter Jennifer Jacobs was a guest today on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss her assessment of events in Iowa as we near the first-in-the-nation caucus.

Jacobs agreed with host Bannon that it’s amazing the Clinton/Sanders race isn’t getting more coverage. “It’s just stunning. It’s a two-point race in Iowa.” Jacobs went on to point out that Sanders was only at 5 percent one year ago in Iowa and is now “only a hair away from threatening to win….”

Jacobs said the Democrat activists in Iowa are watching Sanders very closely and every word she Tweets about gets re-Tweeted “a ton. Those people are paying attention to every word.”

Clinton faces the real spectre of having the rug pulled out from under her again … just as in 2008. She said Sanders has a larger lead with the younger more activist democrat voters that propelled Obama to victory in Iowa in 2008, than Obama had back then.

Jacobs believes it’s down to the wire with Trump and Cruz on the GOP side with Cruz perhaps enjoying at least a slight advantage with traditional caucus voters. Cruz may also enjoy a better ground game, but that’s unclear and it’s also unclear if Trump’s visibility and tactics won’t motivate caucus goers just as well. “They’re so close in the polls right now, it’s really hard to tell,” said Jacobs.

The entire interview can be heard below.