Mike Huckabee on Beating The Clintons: ‘I’m The One Guy Who’s Done It Before’

Republican Presidential Nominee Governor Mike Huckabee (R-ARK) speaks to the crowd during the Eagle Forum's Eagle Council Event at the Marriott St. Louis Airport Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri on September 11, 2015. A number of Republican Presidential Nominees will address the crowd over the next two days to express …
Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made a final pitch to voters in Iowa on Monday’s broadcast of Breitbart News Daily, hosted by Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon on SiriusXM Patriot 125.

Bannon asked why voters should rally behind the former governor: “You’ve been a firebrand nationalist and populist during this campaign since you started. What is the closing argument for Mike Huckabee?”

Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, maintained his experience running government with a steady hand will ultimately deliver him a victory once more:

Well, for the people who have latched to Donald Trump’s message — I like Donald Trump. I appreciate what he’s saying about trade, getting money out of politics, and getting the Wall Street guys. But this is the message I won with eight years ago and I haven’t changed a bit. Maybe the TV networks haven’t given me the kind of attention they’ve given him, but if you want someone who’s actually governed effectively, then I think I’m the guy who can not just carry that message, but can actually deliver it in government.

“Governor Huckabee, can you beat the Clintons?” Bannon asked. Huckabee replied he’s the only candidate who beat the Clinton machine:

Well, I’m the only one on that stage who has, and has done so repeatedly. People tend to forget that every election I was ever involved in, was an election in which I had to defeat the entire Clinton political machine, an apparatus that has dominated Arkansas politics for over 20 years, and that meant not just the elected officials, but every employee, every bureaucrat, every appointee in the state of Arkansas. I had a 90 percent Democrat[ic] legislature when I went into the governor’s office. Now tell me anyone in the country has governed under those kind of headwinds, and I’ll tell you there hasn’t been one, who when he came out had been so able to turn things around — now the state is supermajority Republican in both houses.

Huckabee also noted he garnered 48 percent and 43 percent of the black and Hispanic vote when he successfully ran for re-election. “I appointed more African Americans and women to major positions than Bill Clinton,” he added. “So, yeah, I think I can beat them because I’m certainly the one guy who’s done it before.”