Bernie Sanders Supporter Charged After Crushing Pro-Trump Roadside Sign

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Local police in Missouri charged a Bernie Sanders supporter with a political hit-and-run, with reckless driving, and with failing to maintain lane-control after he posted a dashboard video showing how he crushed a Donald Trump r0adside sign.

The video shows the 20-year-old Julien Thomas Schuessler crossing lanes and driving onto the side of the road to hit the sign.

I love having a jeep sometimes

Posted by Julien Schuessler on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

According to, Schuessler justified slamming into a roadside object as an act of love: “I did what I felt was morally right. Spread love, not hate.”

The video went viral and attracted police attention. Schuessler posted the video on Wednesday and police charged him the same day. A GoFundMe campaign to raise money for him now appears to have been deleted.

Schuessler appears to support Sanders, sharing positive posts on Facebook about the Vermont senator, along with negative posts about Trump.

This incident fits into a larger pattern in which Trump supporters are attacked or threatened with death, or their signs vandalized. At least one supporter, fed up after someone stole his Trump sign, built one out of steel.