**Horse Race LiveWire** Eve of the Wisconsin Primary

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, talks with Fox News host Megyn Kelly at a campaign stop Monday, April 4, 2016, in Madison, Wis. (AP Photo/Andy Manis)
AP Photo/Andy Manis

Welcome to Breitbart News’s daily live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

10:46: Trump says all you need to know about Obama is that he refuses to say “radical Islamic terrorism.”

10:44: Trump implies that Clinton may not be successful playing the gender card on him based on what happened the last time she tried to played it.

10:43: Trump: I Have a Nickname for Hillary, but I’m Not Going to Reveal It Until I Get Nomination: Trump says he has a nickname for Hillary but doesn’t want to reveal it until he knocks out Cruz/Kasich.

10:41: Trump said when Obama landed in Cuba, it may have been the first time that nobody greeted him after landing Air Force One. He says Obama “should have left immediately” when the Brussels attack happened and be in Washington, which is where the president belongs when an attack like that happens. He says the New York Times mocked him for saying Brussels was a “hellhole” before the terror attacks and says “I know what I’m doing.”

10:35: Trump blasts Paul Ryan’s Omnibus budget that gives Obama the money to bring people in from Syria and for Obamacare. He also touts the Penny Plan. Trump says we have to negotiate better trade deals. Trump says “absolutely” when asked if he would eliminate any departments. He says he wants to bring education back to Wisconsin. He says the Department of Education can “largely be eliminated.” He says the “Department of environmental” and “that can be state.”

10:32: Trump: We’re headed for a massive recession… “if I’m not elected.”

10:30: Hannity asks Trump about economy/debt. Trump says we have to bring jobs back and stop jobs from leaving. He says Mexico is like a smaller version of China and “we’re going to build the wall.” He says we have a $58 billion trade deficit with Mexico and “we’re going to stop all of that.” He says we’re going to get the greatest negotiators for trade deals. He says the people in Washington “don’t even know what’s happening to us.”

10:20: Trump says he will talk smack and say things like Romney is a “choke artist” until he wins. And then he will be “presidential” in the White House. He says the biggest story today is that the GOP is getting millions of more votes than it has ever had. He says the GOP was “tired, tired, tired” and never had the energy until this election cycle. Trump says he has always been good with “mathematics”

10:20: Hannity town hall boos when Hannity mention that Boehner said Republicans should nominate Paul Ryan at a contested convention.

10:18: Trump says his meeting with Priebus was fine and he just said he wanted to be treated fairly.

10:12: When asked what he has learned about the political system since he announced, he has learned that there is tremendous dishonesty in the media and our country is being poorly run.

10:08: Re: the Fields video tape, Hannity asks if anyone saw anything that resembled an “assault.” Audience responds “NO!” Trump says everyone says his campaign manager “didn’t do anything” and he says he can’t fire someone when he didn’t do anything wrong. He says he is loyal to people and he will be loyal to the country. Trump says virtually every single lawyer is asking “what did he do?” after looking at the tape.

10:06: Hannity gives Trump to talk about abortion. Trump says he is “pro-life with the exceptions.” He says he did the show because it is not a high-rated show and Chris Matthews has not treated him badly in person. Trump says Matthews asked him a hypothetical question and he gave a hypothetical answers. He says “so many people” called him up and said his answer to Matthews was a good one.

10:06: Trump says the Heidi/Melania re-Tweet was done as “retaliation” but he would not have done it if he had a chance to do it again.

10:05: Melania says Trump has a big heart and wouldn’t hurt anybody.

10:05: Melania says the re-Tweets get Trump in trouble and advises him to stay away from re-Tweets. “If only he would listen,” she says.

10:03: Melania says she didn’t initially want Trump to run because life would change and it would be tough on their family but she knew what he could do for America. She says she has a “tough skin” and it’s unfair that they are attacking families, wives.

10:01: Trump and his wife Melania are with Hannity at a town hall event that Fox is airing. When told about the ARG poll that has Trump up in Wisconsin, Trump says the only poll that matters is the one tomorrow in Wisconsin

9:53: Cruz again repeats the  line of not making it a practice to support people who attack his wife and family when asked if he will support Trump if he is the nominee. He says he doesn’t want to see Trump as the nominee and that is why he is going to defeat him. Walker also dodges the question and says he will support the nominee, which will be Ted Cruz. Kelly says both dodged the question.

9:49: Walker joins the town hall and he says he endorsed Cruz because he is a “Constitutional conservative” who understands that the Constitution lays the power in the states/people and not in Washington. Walker says Cruz will stand up for what they believe in and “stick to their guns.” Walker says Cruz can win the nomination and defeat Clinton in November and the only person who can do that is Cruz.

9:45: Kelly points out that Trump has huge leads over Cruz in states like California, Maryland, New York. She asks, “How do you possibly avoid a contested convention?” Trump says FiveThirtyEight gives him a 55% chance of winning the CA primary and he will do very well there. Trump says Trump has gotten his “rear end whipped” over and and over again. He says he will have a “terrific victory here in Wisconsin.”

9:34: When making the case that he is more electable than Trump, Cruz says “someone is not electable if they can’t get elected.” He sys Kasich has lost every state other than his home state and is mathematically eliminated from the race. “If you lose 49 states, you ain’t gonna be the Republican nominee,” Cruz says.

9:30: Cruz is asked about Obamacare and how he plans to repeal and replace Obamacare. Cruz says Obamacare is the biggest job killer in the United States and millions have lost their health insurance, doctors and have seen their premiums skyrocket. Cruz says he will repeal every world of Obamacare and institute reforms that will expand choices, empower patients, and disempower government. When asked about being a hard-charging Senator, Cruz says he is “passionate” and “it is who I am” and “you know exactly what you’re going to get.” He says he is proud to have stood with millions of Americans against the bipartisan Washington establishment that wanted it.

9:25: Cruz says the left loves to preach tolerance and diversity but there is nothing so intolerant as a leftist who won’t tolerate the name of Jesus. “Live and let live,” Cruz says. “And recognize that Americans can choose to follow our own paths.”

9:22: When asked about religion, Cruz says that far too many politicians use religion as a “cloak to hide who they are” and yo have to be “particularly careful” of that. He says the media want to paint anyone who is Christian as a “nut” and he says he is not ashamed of being a Christian or Jesus. Cruz says he is not running to be Pastor-in-Chief.

9:18: Cruz says Trump’s abortion comments were “bizarre” and it shows he will say whatever to win votes. Cruz says the victims of abortion are not just unborn children but also the mothers. “A great many women have suffered because of the tragedy of abortion,” he says. Cruz says he doesn’t favor a rape/incest exception and he says he has handled cases involving horrific rape as Solicitor General. He says rape needs to be punished severely but as horrible as that crime is and we weep at the crime but it is not the child’s fault. He says it doesn’t make sense to blame the child.

9:14: Questioner, a “moderate Republican” who is “pro-choice,” asks Cruz about abortion. She wonders if he will make abortion illegal nationwide. [Interesting first question at Kelly’s town hall.] Cruz says he is pro-life and “we should protect every human life… from the moment of conception.” Cruz says there is more consensus on issues like partial-birth abortion. He says it is his hope that people’s hearts and minds change on the issue. He says public policy should be changed at the ballot box and says that “judicial activism is wrong” and one of the worst things about the Supreme Court was stepping in in 1973 and took control of the issue and took it away from the states. He says public policy matters should be resolved at the ballot box and not by five unelected judges. He says Roe v. Wade is not settled law and was a “classic case of activism.” He wants to impose the Mexico City rules that would prevent taxpayer dollars from being  used to fund abortions.

9:09: Cruz says it is not a state secret that Trump’s personal life has not been “immaculate.” Cruz says he wants to see an apology from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to millions of people suffering and doesn’t need an apology from Trump.

9:07: Kelly asks Cruz the National Enquirer story. She asks, “Have you committed adultery?” Cruz says “I have not.” He says the story was “garbage” and it came from “Donald Trump’s henchmen.” Cruz says David Pecker is a name right out of “Charles Dickens.” He says the Enquirer is Trump’s pet attack machine. [Interesting line from Cruz. Had Trump said that, he would have again been accused of insensitivity.]

9:05: Cruz says Trump seems to be threatened by strong women and “there are no beans to spill” re: Heidi. He says “Heidi Cruz is not remotely scared of Donald Trump” and says what Trump says has “little or no bearing on reality.”

9:02: Cruz says the people of Wisconsin are “fed up” with how things are going. Kelly asks Cruz about Trump’s re-Tweet about his wife Heidi. Cruz says “I suppose miracles can happen” when told that Trump admitted that he made a mistake in re-Tweeting the Heidi/Melania pictures. Cruz says he doesn’t care about what Trump Tweets and is more focused on the challenges facing the countries and not on the “circus sideshows.” Cruz says Trump doesn’t have any real answers and his “natural safe zone” is to yell and insult people. He says that Kelly should know something about that.

9:01: The town hall was taped earlier in the day and MSNBC aired the first 15 minutes of it live.

9:00: Cruz’s town hall with Megyn Kelly is airing on Fox News as the NCAA title game between Villanova and North Carolina is about to tip off.

8:15: Trump, Sanders holding dueling rallies in Milwaukee tonight:

8:00: Sanders, Clinton agree to debate:

7:58: Kasich says his biggest disappointment with Obama was his inability to get along with Republicans. He implies that Obama is not showing Republicans respect.

7:51: Kasich says any combat veteran should have access to healthcare wherever they can get it when asked about healthcare for veterans. He says the VA needs to be restructured so people are not on hold for two hours.

7:50: Kasich says there is going to be an open convention and it’s going to be “cool.” He says he is the only candidate who is beating Clinton in the polls. “That’s just so yesterday,” Kasich says when asked about rule 40. He says “we don’t have any rules yet” and we should just have some fun.

7:40: Kasich is asked about Wall Street reform and he says that the crash happened because government agencies told people they should buy homes they could not afford. He says some people got a home and started using it as a bank. Kasich says when banks take risks, they need to risk their own capital and not taxpayer dollars. He says it was a “total meltdown” by regulators who were looking the other way as well. Kasich says having regulations on the big banks is fine but it becomes a problem if it trickles down to the small community banks. “That is not acceptable,” Kasich says, adding that small businesses need to get loans from community banks.

“Greed can kill you,” Kasich says. He talks about the evils of “worshipping” money.

7:34: Kasich speaks about the need to destroy ISIS with a coalition of the Arab/Muslim countries. Kasich says NATO needs to be changed into an organization that focuses more on intelligence sharing. He slams Obama for going to Cuba and staying there during the Brussels terror attacks.

7:29: A questioner points out that Kasich is for TPP that would hurt manufacturers but points out Americans need to participate in the global marketplace. Kasich says American cars got better when Japanese cars came into the country but says he understands the need to keep manufacturing jobs having grown up in a blue-collar background. Kasich says we need an “early warning system” to shut out a country’s products when there are signs that they are violating trade agreements. Kasich also says he has favored limiting the importation of steel. He says he likes “open and free trade” and our goal is to get into other countries and sell our products. He wants free trade that is also “fair” because he has to protect the people he grew up with. He says trade is good overall if done with protections. He wants to put a big emphasis on retraining programs in our country.

7:21: When asked if voters are making it unsafe for politicians to compromise, Kasich says “don’t worry about it” and you should not be concerned about the next election. He says voters want leaders and don’t know the details of various plans. Kasich says the “game’s fixed” and none of the politicians every lose, and that’s why we should eliminate gerrymandering.

7:18: Kasich is asked about polarized politics and he discusses his role in balancing the budget. Kasich wants Americans to march and demand politicians fix Social Security and balance the budget.

7:12: When asked about flood/home-owner’s insurance, Kasich says there is one group of people who live in an area where they expect to get hit. And others who don’t live in risky areas shouldn’t get penalized for “catastrophic” events. Kasich says you can’t turn your back on people who got impacted by a big storm, flood, etc. Kasich wants a conservative approach that represents a “human approach.”

7:09: Kasich says you need commonsense regulations that don’t kill small business, lower taxes (he says a 10% flat tax is not realistic), and a path toward a balanced budget along with good workforce training.

7:08: Kasich says when you degrade law enforcement officers, sometimes they don’t/can’t do what they need to do to keep order like in Baltimore.

7:07: Kasich says the public loves law enforcement and says that police officers are the first ones who want the bad apples out.

7:05: Kasich says if there are Americans who feel that the system is working agains them, then there has to be remedies.

7:03: Kasich says he reformed schools in Cleveland in a bipartisan way. Kasich says he has “banned the box” for prospective state employees (they don’t have to check that they were a felon on the initial application) and instituted prison reforms.

7:00: Kasich’s town hall with Greta is airing on Fox News. Greta asks him about the state of race relations on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death. Kasich recalls Bobby Kennedy’s speech in Indiana. “What a time that was,” he says. He talks about his work with Nina Turner in dealing with race relations and getting police officers, ministers, and community members to sit down and discuss how community relations can be improved.

6:53: Clinton campaign manager Mook in new memo: Sanders’s path forward “relies on overturning the will of the voters.”

The Sanders campaign’s path forward relies on overturning the will of the voters: The math being what it is, the Sanders campaign has struggled to explain their path to the nomination. Their latest strategy involves a combination of trying to flip pledged delegates at state and county conventions, while also convincing superdelegates that he deserves their support — despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has won 58 percent of the popular vote and a majority of pledged delegates thus far. For most of the campaign, Senator Sanders has criticized the role that superdelegates play in the nominating process, but as he now campaigns without a clear path the nomination that relies on the voters, he’s aggressively courting their support.


6:50: Huffington Post’s home page:

California Gov. Jerry Brown lifts a signed bill creating highest statewide minimum wage at $15 an hour by 2022 at the Ronald Reagan building in Los Angeles, Monday, April 4, 2016. California and New York acted Monday to gradually push their statewide minimum wages to $15 an hour, the highest level in the nation(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

California Gov. Jerry Brown lifts a signed bill creating highest statewide minimum wage at $15 an hour by 2022 at the Ronald Reagan building in Los Angeles, Monday, April 4, 2016. California and New York acted Monday to gradually push their statewide minimum wages to $15 an hour, the highest level in the nation(AP Photo/Nick Ut)



6:09: Julian Castro doesn’t think Clinton will ask him to be her vice president:

6:05: Tim Robbins calls Clinton supporters “sheep.”

5:57: Kasich campaigning in New York:

5:50: Cruz hitting the trail with Walker again:

5:16: Sanders raises more money than Clinton yet again:

5:10: Bill campaigning for Hillary in Wisconsin:

5:05: Cruz declines to wear Cheesehead hat:

4:30: Sanders campaign regrets giving Clinton a pass on her emails scandal and giving voters the impression that he really didn’t want to defeat her.

4:25: Tim Robbins going after Clinton, discounting Clinton’s South Carolina win:

3:53: Trump uses a “Swiss cheese” metaphor “in honor of Wisconsin.” Says the Southern border is porous like Swiss cheese and illegal immigrants are flooding across it.

3:45: Police shut down rappers filming anti-Trump music video:

3:42: Trump on being given his “Last Rites” multiple times this election cycle:

3:38: As was made clear in Dirty Sexy Money, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

3:36: Trump claims he doesn’t get “seduced” easily after telling the audience nice things leaders have said about him.

3:35: MSNBC reportedly aired 15 minutes of Cruz’s town hall event with Megyn Kelly as it was happening before Fox News:

For nearly 15 minutes Monday, MSNBC broadcast the beginning of a Fox News town hall hosted by Megyn Kelly and featuring interviews with Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Fox is scheduled to air the town hall during the 9 p.m. hour Monday night.


3:29: Trump says he is succeeding because he is leading a movement of people who aren’t going to take it anymore and will say “we’re not going to allow it to happen anymore” and “we’re not going to allow our country to be stripped of its jobs, its factories.”

3:22: Cruz keeps telling voters in Wisconsin how much he loves cheese:

3:20: Trump on new polls that show he has momentum in Wisconsin: “I’m feeling it.”


Survey USA/Eyewitness News poll:

Trump: 40

Cruz: 32

Kasich: 17

3:08: Trump says Cruz is “100% controlled” by the people who give him big donations. He says Cruz wants TPP because the people who give him money “want it.” He says TPP is a “bad thing for our country.”

3:07: Trump says the “Never Trump” people are people who don’t care who wins. He says they just don’t want the establishment gravy train to end and if they spent as much time fighting him as they did Obama, Obama would have lost in 2012.

3:06: Trump says he went to a Wisconsin hotel last night and saw millions of dollars worth of commercials. He says the people funding the negative ads should just donate the millions to charity.

3:05: In Wisconsin, Trump says “let’s see what happens tomorrow” and predicts that “big change” will be coming soon.

2:40: Cruz now taking shots at Roger Stone:

2:38: Sanders visits Lambeau and also catches some opening day baseball:

2:33: An American Research Group poll has Trump up by 10 in Wisconsin:

2:20: Trump delegate raises expectations for Cruz in Wisconsin:

2:18: Kasich fundraising off of Trump’s remarks (he also mocked Trump’s comments about him on the stump):


2:10: Big crowds for Trump in the snow in Wisconsin:

1:54: Expectations game.

1:36: Politico headline — Trump: ‘The experts are terrible.’

“Look at the mess we’re in with all these experts that we have. Look at the mess. Look at the Middle East. If our presidents and our politicians went on vacation for 365 days a year and went to the beach, we’d be in much better shape right now in the Middle East.”

1:34: Kasich wanted his Super PAC to drop an ad calling Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” but then there’s this today:

1:19: Ryan touring Israel right now.

1:11: Sanders campaign reveals $44 million haul in March.

1:10: Clinton camp managing expectations for Wisconsin:

12:50: Reuters national poll sees a drop for both Trump and Cruz — and a big jump for Kasich.

12:35: Cruz: Trump has had a bad few weeks, and I’m poised to do well in California.

12:05: Kasich still making a play for New York.

12:03: Cruz on Trump’s abortion flap. Says he’s just saying what he thinks conservatives want to hear.

11:55: Top issues.

11:54: Megyn Kelly asks Cruz about Enquirer story at Wisconsin town hall. Cruz denies allegations of having affairs.

11:46: Journalist “pro” can’t do requisite two clicks to figure out this isn’t an official Trump ad.

11:39: Trump tweets out a fan-made video repurposing the video game Mass Effect into a campaign ad:

11:37: Required reading for today: New York mag‘s profile of the unconventional Trump campaign, including simple, low-cost tweaks to traditional political operations:

After the rallies, Trump makes sure his fans stay mobilized. Everyone who attends a rally has to register by email, and the campaign uses this list, which Lewandowski estimates is “in the millions at this point,” to turn out voters. Most campaigns spend a lot of money to acquire voter lists; Trump largely built his own.