RNC May Involve Two Civil Wars: Brokered Convention Inside, Race War Outside

Lee Stranahan / Twitter

Lee Stranahan, the lead investigative journalist for the Breitbart News network, predicts that the GOP is headed for “a civil war inside the Republican national convention and another kind of civil war, a race war, outside.”

Stranahan’s comment on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon came during a discussion about his recent story on an armed protest face-off that took place in South Dallas, Texas.

Stranahan said he sees the showdown between anti-Islamic, pro-American protesters and an armed group of black radicals known as the Huey P. Newton Gun Club as the opening salvo in increased racial tensions he says have been spurned on by President Barack Obama.

The face-off in South Dallas between a group called BAIR (or the Bureau for American Islamic Relations) and black activists ended chaotically without violence, as the Dallas Police Department ordered members of BAIR to leave the area after a group of black activist that included street gang the Crips and the Bloods as well as Black Lives Matter broke through barricade and began to advance on the group.

On the radio show, Stranahan pointed out that the Huey P. Newton Gun Club has been operating for years in Dallas and doing armed marches to the streets.

While he acknowledged both group’s Second Amendment rights, Stranahan told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon while “a group of white anti-Islamic proctors showing up armed is provocative” he also pointed out that the group was based on the teachings of Black Panther Party leader Huey P. Newton, who favored an armed overthrow of the United States government.

When asked why there was not more national media coverage, Stranahan said:

Andrew Breitbart nailed this: the left controls culture and that includes academia, where you teach journalists, and that includes the media which is putting out the news, arts and entertainment.

Stranahan said that this is part of “a fifty-year plan by these groups going back to the New Left, Students for a Democratic Society, Bill Ayers and that group; they went into academia.” Stranahan pointed out as an example that two of the top journalism schools in the country are the University of Missouri at Columbia, the scene of last year’s student uprising, and Columbia University, which was a focal point for New Left protests in the 1960s.

Stranahan pointed out that the most basic decision a media company makes is in story choice, which topics to cover and ignore, and that leftist media bias has been covering up stories of black racism through a simple lack of coverage.

Stranahan predicted more incidents on the road to the Republican national convention in Cleveland, and said that the police were simply not equipped to handle the situation if 10 or 20,000 protesters showed up at the event.

He concluded by saying the increasing possibility of a brokered convention combined with rising tensions and emboldened activist were leading to a situation that would involve two civil wars, one inside the party and one on the streets.