Kellyanne Conway: Cruz Will ‘Slice and Dice’ by District, Focus Less on States for Delegates Going Forward

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, points as he speaks at a campaign stop at Waukesha County Exposition Center, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Waukesha, Wis. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
Washington, DC

Pollster and president of the Sen. Ted Cruz-aligned Super PAC “Keep the Promise” Kellyanne Conway told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that after its big 13 point win in Wisconsin Tuesday night, the Cruz campaign will begin “to focus very earnestly on different Congressional districts and on the areas within a state that are most hospitable” to Cruz’s message and candidacy, as opposed to simply looking at entire states in many cases.

“You have to slice and dice,” said Conway.

In these upcoming states, some are winner take all like New Jersey, so we have to play very seriously in places like that, or not at all. And then you look at places like New York.” Conway said they’ve identified about sixteen Congressional Districts “that we’re looking at on the broadest end and we will be slicing and dicing because you want to get those three delegates that are allocated to the person who wins the most votes within that district.

That represents something of a departure from focusing on an entire state but should allow the Cruz campaign to focus more acutely on picking up the largest number of available delegates for him through retail politicking, while also relying on his traditionally strong infrastructure, ground game and analytics. Cruz picked up 33 delegates last night and Conway said, “there will be more coming.”

“There’s no way to spin this,” said Conway, “other than the fundamentals still matter. The candidates still matter.”

Conway also stressed Cruz’s ability “to coalesce elements from the center and the center-right of the party and the movement without losing his core.” She added Cruz is not going to compromise to become the establishment’s consensus candidate but, instead, it is the establishment that is coming to him.

Conway claimed Cruz will make the establishment re-think trying to bring in a fresh face to be nominated at the convention if neither Trump nor Cruz have secured the required number of delegates going in. “For Cruz, if you look at where he ran the tables last night, he got groups that he didn’t even get in his Iowa caucus win. He got Catholics, he got more evangelical Christians than he’s gotten before and most importantly, he beat Trump among people who don’t have a college degree.”

Added Conway:

Ted Cruz has won Maine, he’s won Alaska, he’s won Wisconsin, he’s won Texas, he’s won ten or eleven states now and last night pretty decisively.” She also said it is “completely mindless” to start treating our voters like a monolith in upcoming races. “You’re seeing a diversity of opinion, you’re seeing a diversity of the electorate on the Republican side this year… I like our chances in the Fall.

As for competitor Donald Trump, Conway said, “I really hope he takes the advice from the people who are telling him to start appealing to his better angels, to get presidential, to get some folks in there who can help him in these upcoming contests and on the convention floor.”

She concluded by saying that while some have been questioning if Cruz has suddenly become part of the establishment, “you don’t get more establishment than Paul Manafort,” who Trump recently hired to head up his delegate initiative.

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