Elijah Cummings Endorses Hillary Clinton: Her Agenda Will Restore Baltimore

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Elijah Cummings has submitted a yet-to-be-published op-ed to the Washington Post in which he endorses Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary.

From the Washington Post:

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) endorsed Hillary Clinton on Sunday, after months of staying neutral in the presidential contest because of his post as the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

“Families in Baltimore who are hurting right now need more than the promise of a political revolution,” Cummings wrote in an op-ed submitted to The Washington Post.

He added that Clinton “not only understands the challenges facing Baltimore and other cities, she’s laid out a clear and detailed agenda that meets those challenges head-on.”

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