Donald Trump on New York Values: ‘Honesty and Straight Talk’

Trump Cliff Owen AP
Cliff Owen/AP
Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump celebrated “New York values” during the state Republican Gala in New York City on Thursday night.

“What are New York values?” Trump began, “Honesty and straight talk.”

“It’s a work ethic. Hard working people. It’s about family. New York, believe it, is about family. It is the energy to get things done. If Jeb Bush came here, I’m telling you he’d have much more energy,” the real estate mogul joked.

“We’re builders,” he said, adding, “We make things happen.”

Trump also said New York values include “courage and community service,” adding that it’s a symbol of “American strength throughout the world.”

“We see people playing in Central Park,” and “factory workers,” deli workers, and transit employees. “We have a whole fabric of our community,” he added.

“This was the greatest attack and the worst and most horrific attack,” on America, Trump said about September 11th, adding that it was even worse than Pearl Harbor because it was perpetrated on civilians, not the military.

“These are the values we need to make America great again” and “to heal America’s wounds,” he concluded.