***Horse Race LiveWire*** Brooklyn Brawlers: Sanders, Clinton Square Off in NY Debate

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

11:15: New York Post endorses Trump. 

11:05: Sanders says he grew up in Brooklyn to Polish immigrants and this country has enormous potential if we have the guts to take on the big-money interests that dominate political/economic interests. He says Clinton cannot take money from Wall Street and do what is best for working families at the end of the day.

Clinton, tailoring her closing for New Yorkers (Sanders repeated his same lines), says that she is grateful for the fact that the people of New York gave her the great honor of serving as your Senator by taking a chance on her in 2000 and then re-electing her with one of the biggest margins in 2006. She says she had their backs and they had hers. She says they took on the challenges of 9-11 and got the money to rebuild New York and came to the aid of our brave first responders and construction workers who endangered their own health by searching for survivors. She says they worked to create jobs despite the disastrous policies of George W. Bush and stood up against vested powerful interests. She asks New Yorkers for support so she can take “New York values to the White House.” She talks about overcoming racial, gender, homophobic, disability barriers. She takes a jab at Sanders and says won’t make promises we can’t keep but will deliver results that will improve the lives of people in New York and America,

10:56: Sanders is asked if he vows to take the nomination to the convention and he says he thinks he is going to win the nomination. Sanders says “we got murdered” in the deep South. He says we are out of the deep South now and having won seven of the last eight contests and will win the nomination. Clinton says her lead over Sanders in pledged delegates is greater than Obama’s lead over her at this point in time. She lists off non-Southern states she won and says she is very “confident and optimistic” but is not taking any voter or any place for granted.

10:50: “Why would I be running for the Democratic nomination for the president of the United States?” Sanders says when asked if he is really a Democrat. Sanders is also asked why he is not raising money for Democrats running for office and he says he is proud that millions of young people who were not involved in the politics. He says the future of the Democratic Party is not about raising millions from Wall Street and the wealthy but from the grassroots. Crowd chants “Bernie! Bernie!” Clinton claims her campaign has captured the imagination of Democrats and will defeat the Republican nominee in the fall. Clinton applauds those who are applauding Sanders and talks about the need for party unity after the nominating process. She says she knows something about “unity”and cites her 2008 battle with Obama.

10:47: Sanders says if elected president, he will ask Obama to withdraw the Garland nomination because we need a nominee who will make it crystal clear that they will overturn Citizens United. Clinton says she will only appoint people to the Court who believe that Roe v. Wade is settled law and Citizens United needs to be overturned. Clinton now chastises the media for not asking them one question about abortion during the debates. She takes the time to blast Trump for saying women should be “punished” for having abortions.

10:44: Sanders asks Clinton if she is in favor of lifting the cap. He wants a “yes or no” answer and Clinton says “yes” but then speaks about “combinations” in another legalese answer. She wants a Congress elected that will agree with us. She previously claimed the two were in “vigorous agreement” on the issue.

10:40: When asked if she would lift the Social Security cap ($118,000), she says she will “make the wealthy pay into Social Security” to extend the trust fund. She also wants to tax passive income and says she was one of the leaders against Bush when he tried to privatize Social Security. She says women–widowers, caregivers-deserve more and that will be one of her highest priorities. Sanders says Clinton didn’t answer the question and Clinton says “I did.” He says what Clinton essentially described was his legislation.

10:35: Clinton says she agrees with the diagnosis on healthcare but Sanders should be held accountable on whether the numbers add up and the plans will work. Clinton says most of the people who have analyzed Sanders’s plan would impose incredible burdens on the budget and working-class Americans and the poor. Clinton says if you read the fine print on Sanders’s free college plan, it says that the federal government will cover 2/3 of the plan. Sanders against speaks in platitudes and says we have to stand up to big-money interests and Clinton has to explain how every country can guarantee healthcare to all of its people while American does not. He says he lives 50 miles from Canada and we can guarantee healthcare to all like Canada.

10:34: Blitzer asks how Sanders’s plans for free college and healthcare for all are fiscally responsible. He says we are the only major country on earth that does not guarantee healthcare for all and spend more than the British/French. He claims his Medicare for All plan will save middle-class families thousands. Sanders says “damn right” about his free college plan and says he will transfer money from the top back to working families.

10:26: Sanders says he read Clinton’s AIPAC speech and Clinton hardly talked about the needs of the Palestinians. Sanders wants America to play a more evenhanded role in the Middle East and “that’s the kind of leadership we’ve got to exercise.” Clinton says describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it and says she has held the last three meetings between the Palestinian leaders and Israel’s president and she was focused on what the needs of the Palestinians. She says she is confident she can get a deal that will be fair to the Palestinians without undermining Israel’s security. Sanders says we have to say Netanyahu is not right all of the time if a peace accord is going to be made. Sanders insist we cannot be “one-sided” in the Middle East.

10:22: Blitzer asks Clinton if she believes Israel must end its “disproportionate” attacks if there is ever going to be Middle East peace. Clinton says she has negotiated peace deals and been with Israeli officials for more than 25 years and she says they do not invite rockets raining down on their towns and villages. She talks about the constant incitement by Hamas, aided by Iran. Clinton also says if Arafat had agreed to the Camp David accord, Palestinians would have had a state for 15 years and expresses support for a two-state solution. Sanders accuses Clinton of evading the question and the question/debate is about whether their response was disproportionate. Sanders says Clinton has not answered the question and Clinton says “of course there has to be precautions taken” but she points out that Hamas has fighters in civilian garb. She says Israel turned the keys to Gaza over to Palestinians and Hamas took over.

10:19: Debate turns to Israel. Sanders is asked about his past comments re: Gaza and what he would say to those who believe Israel has a right to defend itself. Sanders says he spent a lot of time in Israel as youth and Israel has every right to defend itself and destroy terrorism. But he says in the Gaza area in 2014, we had some 15,000 civilians who were wounded/killed. Sanders says he believes that was a “disproportionate” attack as someone who is 100% pro-Israel. Sanders says in the long run, if we are ever going to be peace in that region that has seen so much hatred/war, “we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity.”

10:18: Clinton says we need to modernize NATO and focus more on intelligence gathering. But Clinton says if they don’t pay more, “that doesn’t mean we leave.” Clinton says it is not in our interest to leave NATO and says it is a check on Russia.

10:17: Clinton also NATO allies should be paying more and the requirement needs to be enforced. [Again, Trump sets the news cycle and other candidates are following.]

10:15: Sanders is asked about his previous comments about how other countries aren’t carrying their weight in NATO, he says he believes that the countries of Europe should pick up more of the burden for their defense. Bash mentions that Trump also argues that America pays a disproportionate share for NATO. Sanders says he would not be embarrassed to ask European allies to pay more. He says “there’s nothing wrong with that.”

10:07: Sanders says the New York Times led the effort for regime change in Libya and it is that same type of mentality that led to her support of the Iraq War. He says Qaddaffi was a brutal, murderous thug but, as Obama acknowledged, regime change has “dangerous, unintended” consequences. Sanders says in Iraq, ISIS now has a stronghold.

Clinton says there was a vote in the Senate on Libya and Sanders voted for it. Sanders says Clinton has made this charge in previous debates and just because she repeats it doesn’t make it true. He says do not confuse his vote with her support for regime change without contemplating what would  happen the day after. Sanders says voting for democracy in Libya is different than actively supporting regime change. He also says the Clinton talked about a no-fly zone in Syria, which Obama does not support.

10:05: Sanders having a tough time answering how U.S. would meet its energy needs if we phased out. He talks about more solar rooftops.

9:59: Clinton says she is bewildered because when you have an agreement that gives you a framework to take action. She says she is getting a little bit concerned because she believes that Obama has done a great job against incredible odds and deserves to be supported. She says it’s easy to diagnose the problem but harder to do something about it. Sanders says “incrementalism” is not enough on climate change and the truth is as Secretary of State, Clinton “actively supported” fracking technology around the world. Sanders says the short-term profits of the fossil fuels industry is not more important than the future of the planet. He wants to know if Clinton is for a tax on carbon and Clinton responds by saying she has laid out a set of actions that will build on the actions on climate change that Obama has advanced. Clinton says she doesn’t take a backseat to Sanders’s legislation, which, she says, he “hasn’t been able to get passed.”

9:58: Sanders says when Clinton was Secretary of State, she worked hard to expand fracking to countries all over the world and says though the Climate Change agreement is a step forward, there is a lot of “paper out there” and we have to do more to lead and have the guts to take on the fossil fuels industry. Sanders says Clinton doesn’t believe in not excavating on public lands.

9:55: Clinton says it is an “incorrect, false charge” that she is in the pocket of the fossil fuels industry when pressed on Sanders’s claims that she is. Sanders says 43 lobbyists from the fossil fuels industry maxed out in donations because they thought she was a “pretty good bet” for their issues. He says climate change is a global crisis of “unprecedented urgency” and he says climate change is an “enemy” that will cause droughts, floods, and international conflicts.

9:46: “It was a racist term and everybody knew it was a racist term,” Sanders says of Clinton’s use of “super predators” in the 1990s. And that’s why he called her out.

9:45: Clinton: “I want white people to realize there is systemic racism,” Clinton says, citing employment, housing, and the criminal justice system.

9:44: Clinton points out that her husband has apologized for the Crime Bill. She says she is sorry of the consequences that were unintended when asked if she has regrets about lobbying for it.

9:43: Errol Lewis asks Clinton whether she thinks the Crime Bill was a net positive or a mistake. She says there were some positives to it like the Violence Against Women Act. She says there are positives but on the other side, there were some decisions made that we have to correct. She says the original idea was that sentences would not be increased so much for low-level offenders. She points out that Sanders also voted for the bill.

She points out that the very first speech she gave in the campaign was on criminal justice reform.

9:40: Clinton says it was an “absolute abdication of responsibility” for Sanders to give a “unique gift” to the gun industry re: liabilities.

9:39: When asked if Sanders owes an apology to the victims of Sandy Hook, Sanders says we have to do everything we can do fall into the wrong hands. He says he doesn’t think he owes them an apology and points out they won the right to sue and he supports their right to sue.

9:34: A testy Clinton says gun control is” not a laughing matter” and says Sanders voted against the Brady Bill. He says Sanders doubled down on not making gunmakers liable in his interview with the Daily News re: Sandy Hook. Clinton says she could not disagree more with Sanders on the issue and says the gun industry is the only one in America that has “this special person.” Clinton says Sanders talks about the “greed and recklessness” of Wall Street but “what about the greed and recklessness of the gun manufacturers and dealers in America?”

Sanders says Clinton never answered Blitzer’s question about whether Clinton was blaming Vermont for New York’s gun problem. Blitzer points out Clinton said “no.” Sanders wants to know, then, why Clinton put out statements implying that Vermont was responsible. Clinton says most of the guns used to commit crimes in New York come from out of state in a dodgy answer when asked why she put out the statement.

9:30: Blitzer does a great job restoring order and says if Sanders and Clinton start screaming at each other, viewers will not be able to hear either of them. Bash did a great job earlier pressing Clinton on the Wall Street transcripts.

9:28: Clinton says we need more good jobs with rising incomes in the inner cities and rural areas and that is what her economic plan will do. Clinton says she will sign a $15/hr minimum wage as president and she has been proud to stand with the “Fight for $15” movement. Sanders says a lot of people may be surer

9:24: Sanders says he would first tell the CEO of Verizon to negotiate with the communications workers of American when Blitzer brings up his critical comments and asks how Sanders will promote trade abroad to help U.S. companies. Sanders says the CEO of Verizon is not investing in the inner cities and also blasts GE’s Immelt.

9:22: Sanders says he will release his tax returns tomorrow and people will find out there is nothing exciting and he is one of the poorest people in the Senate.

9:19: Bash asks Clinton why she won’t put the issue to rest and just release her Wall Street transcripts. After Clinton dodges, Bash presses her and says the question was about the transcripts. Clinton says there are certain expectations when running for president and “this is a new one.” She evades the question again and says she has released 30 years of tax returns and Trump and Sanders should do the same. She gives her standard answer about how she will release her transcripts if others do it.

9:18: Sanders is asked if there is an instance where Clinton made a decision based on donations from Wall Street. He can’t name a specific instance and Clinton points out Sanders can’t because there hasn’t been an instance.

9:12: Clinton says she will move immediately to break up any financial institution that endangers the economy and she wants the law to extend to the “shadow banking industry.”

9:09: Clinton says “this is not just an attack on me” but also an attack on President Obama. Clinton says people may not like her answer but she will tell you why. She says Obama took money from Wall Street and signed the tough Dodd-Frank legislation and accuses Sanders of a  “phony attack” designed to raise questions without evidence. (Clearly a rehearsed line she has practiced).

9:06: Blitzer asks Sanders about comments about Clinton’s qualifications. Sanders says he made his remarks in response to the Clinton campaign’s attacks. Sanders says Clinton has the experience but he questions her judgment because she voted for the War in Iraq and virtually every disastrous trade deal.

Clinton says she has been called many things in life but it was the first time she was called unqualified. She says New Yorkers trusted her judgment to elect her to the Senate and Obama trusted her judgment as Secretary of State.

She urges people to read Sanders’s Daily News interview. Clinton says Sanders didn’t know about his core issue and was clueless on foreign policy and we need a president who is ready on day one.

Sanders asks “do we feel confident about a candidate” who promises to bring change to America when she is beholden to big-money special interests.

9:05: Clinton says it is great to be in New York and was an honor to serve as the Empire State’s Senator for eight years. She talks about knocking down barriers standing in the way of people getting ahead and staying ahead. She talks about difficult challenges they faced like 9-11 and says we worked hard to bring jobs to Buffalo and Albany to give more hard-working people the chance to make the most out of their lives. She also says she worked hard to keep New York values at the center of who we are and she will build on the values we share in New York and take them to Washington.

9:02: Sanders says he started 70 points behind Clinton and is now tied or ahead in national polls. Sanders says the reason why his campaign is doing so well is because he is telling the truth (perhaps a veiled shot at Clinton). He rails against billionaires and Super PACs and again talks up campaign finance reform.

8:57: Sanders and Clinton are introduced.

8:56: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is moderating the debate between Clinton and Sanders in Brooklyn. Errol Lewis and CNN’s Dana Bash will join Blitzer as questioners.

8:55: Sanders and Clinton are getting ready to debate for the first time in nearly five weeks:

8:45: Cruz says if he is president, de Blasio will have to enforce federal immigration law or federal tax dollars will go away after giving his standard response on illegal immigration. He says he is grateful that Trump has brought up illegal immigration but mentions that Trump has donated to many of the Gang of Eight Senators.

8:39: Cruz says it is a perfectly reasonable determination for North Carolinians to make that men should not go into bathrooms with his daughters. He says “enough already” with the political correctness of the Obama administration. He says it is “crazy” that the Obama administration insisting that a junior high must allow a teenage boy to shower with a  teenage girl. “Nuts and Crazy,” Cruz says, saying it is not a reasonable position. And he says big business often gives into political correctness.

8:30: Cruz dodges personhood question numerous times:

“Well listen, some of the labels in this debate can get confusing because different people mean different things about labels. I don’t want to get in a back and forth ion labels. I believe every human life is a gift from God and we should cherish and protect and celebrate them.


And I’m not interested in anything that restricts in vitro fertilization because I think parents who are struggling to create life, to have a child, that is a wonderful thing.”

Cruz doubles down, says every word h said about McConnell lying to him was true:

8:25: “Every word I said there is true and accurate. No one disputed a word I said,” Cruz says. “The reaction in the Senate is how dare you say that out loud? They’re not upset that somebody lied to them!”

8:24: Cruz says a lot of people in Washington ran because they wanted to do the right thing but Washington is an “amazingly corrupt place” that “corrupts you incrementally.” He says people become so risk averse and they give in to Washington. He says the good news is “it can be changed” and he invokes 1980 so often because the Reagan Revolution demonstrated that if you have a mandate from the people, it can change Washington. And that’s the only force powerful enough to change Washington.

8:21: When Todd says Caroline is now the new star of the Cruz campaign, Cruz says the most selfish reason he wants to be president is so that his daughters can get Secret Service protection.

8:13: Cruz says he grew up idolizing Jack Kemp, who greatly influenced Reagan on the Kemp-Roth tax cuts, in Buffalo. Very well-received answer.

8:11: Cruz says both the delegates and the voters will pick the Republican nominee. Todd wonders if Cruz has found it ironic that the Washington Cartel he rails against is the only chance he has to win the nomination. Cruz says it is not ironic at all.

8:10: Talking about the debt that this generation will leave to young people, Cruz jokes that he tells kids they should punch their parents in the nose after coming out of the voting booth. He says it is time for responsible, adult leadership and the only force strong enough to change Washington is “We the People” and the Reagan Revolution was the last time Washington was changed.

8:02: Cruz is again asked about New York values from an upstate New York questioner. He points out that the “New York values” phrase came from Donald Trump in an interview with Tim Russert. He says New York’s can-do spirit attracts people from all over the world. He again says he was referring to liberal New York values of politicians like de Blasio that have been hurting New Yorkers.

7:58: Matthews says he knew Kasich when he was a nobody. He also says, “and I believe that some day will come that you will join Colin Powell in agreeing that you made a mistake in Iraq.” The audience boos. Kasich says concludes by saying “when you do shows like this, you’re only as good as the person who asks the question, and I tell you, every time Chris and I get together, I think it’s really cool and there’s some magic in it… I loved it.I love doing stuff like this.”

7:57: After Matthews waves the New York Daily News endorsement in his face, Kasich points out he has been endorsed by many of the major newspapers (not a winning formula in a GOP primary).

7:55: Questioner asks Kasich why he would be for exemptions if he thinks abortion is murder. Kasich says “because they’re appropriate.”

7:53: On the North Carolina bathroom law, Kasich says “we’re not passing anything like that in my state.”

7:45: Matthews keeps pressing Kasich on one of Matthew’s favorite topics–the Iraq War. Kasich says Colin Powell and Cheney told him there were nuclear weapons in Iraq. Matthews says Kasich “sure as hell did” know Messrs. Bush/Cheney wanted to go to war in Iraq and were hawks and he wonders why he trusted them on the intelligence. Kasich says he would have never have gone to war had we not had the intelligence info at the time. Kasich accuses Matthews of being a Monday morning quarterback. A demonstrative Matthews says all of the intelligence was just “spin.” Kasich seems prickly in this exchange. Kasich says he believed Colin Powell’s presentation at the United Nations. Matthews says the Bush administration used Colin Powell because “people like you and me trust him… that’s why they used him. Because we would believe him.” Matthews will realize he is not going to get a defining “moment” from the Kasich interview because he is not someone who is “box office” like Trump. Nobody cares.

7:32: Questioner grill Kasich on the border. She says Trump is the only one talking about border security. She says he border is like Swiss cheese and it must be sealed because of the rampant crime. She wonders why Kasich has not gone down to the border like Trump. Kasich says there is only so much time and that’s why he hasn’t gone down to the border. Kasich has spent plenty of time eating in New York, though. Kasich says “we gotta send them back” if someone comes across the border illegally. But he wants to give a pathway to legalization for the millions already here.

7:29: Kasich says he believes in traditional marriage. He’s gone to a gay wedding and the people there knew he was in favor of traditional marriage. Matthews just keeps pressing Kasich on gay marriage, perhaps trying to get a “moment” like he got with Trump. Seems to be trying a bit too hard, and Kasich is a much more professional politician than Trump in knowing how to not stumble when being grilled by a pro’s pro like Matthews.

7:27: Kasich says nobody is going to order anything off of the menu if Trump is nominated and Republicans will lose across the board.

7:26: Kasich’s philosophy on public assistance:

But, Chris, as my mother used to say about the poor, it’s a sin not to help somebody who needs help. But it’s equally a sin to continue to help somebody who needs to learn how to help themselves. That’s a good philosophy.

7:25: Kasich cites Yogi Berra and says “it ain’t over until it’s over” regarding his campaign.

7:18: Kasich praises Biden:

I love Biden, OK? He’s a good guy. I don’t agree with him but I like him and look, say this about him — that guy has been through some hell with the loss of his son, with the accident where he lost his wife, and I think a child — I mean, and he’s been a great public servant. I don’t agree with him, but I like him, OK?

7:15: Kasich claims most employers “don’t want to hire illegals.” He asks Matthews, “OK, MSNBC, you guys hire illegals?” Later in the conversation, Matthews reveals he is not a fan of Obama’s executive amnesty.

7:02: At MSNBC’s town hall, Kasich tells Chris Matthews there is coke, pepsi and Kasich. Earlier, Trump said Cruz is in third in New York and nobody knows who the second place person is. He says he is the “un-Cola” but people still don’t know enough about him.

6:41: Breitbart’s Boyle at the anti-Trump protests in New York:

Police have the situation mostly under control, and there are scores of Trump hating signs including plenty that compare him to fecal matter. Protesters are now marching potentially creating an altercation. This powder keg is looming.

6:30: Update:

Outside the Grand Hyatt outside Grand Central Station, protesters have occupied New York City’s 42nd street with the exception of a couple hundred yards all the way from Lexington Avenue through Madison avenue. That’s nearly five full blocks of protesters who have converged from different parts of the city and the event is just beginning.

Watch some confrontations at the anti-Trump protests here.

6:09: Activists calling on more anti-Trump agitators to join the crowd at Grand Central:

6:07:  Turnout reportedly not that big at Grand Central:

6:05: Anti-Trump Agitators already clashing with police:

6:02: Trump supporter enter anti-Trump protest:

Trump supporter enters anti-Trump protest. It went as expected.

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5:42: Anti-Trump agitators hold sign comparing Trump to Hitler:

5:40: A small sign that he isn’t winging it 100% of the time.

5:38: Trump says politicians aren’t fighting for our country. He says all over the world, countries are devaluing their currency. He says America is a like a high school football team going up against an NFL team on trade, etc. Trump says he knows the best negotiators and the “greatest business people in the world” but “we don’t use ’em.” “We are going to start using them big league,” Trump says. “We’re going to have strong borders. And we’re going to have a wall.”

5:35: Trump now on stage in Suffolk County. He says he is “home” and loves Long Island. He says our country is in trouble but we will make America great again.

5:31: Clinton expanding lead in New York. Clinton campaign saying New York is a “make-or-break state” for Sanders.

5:27: Anti-Trump agitators reportedly “subdued” so far at Grand Central:

5:22: On MSNBC, new Trump hire Rick Wiley says the establishment can learn about how people are “fed up with Washington” from Trump’s success.

5:18: Agitators Outside Trump Rally in Patchogue, NY in Suffolk County:

5:15: Agitators at Grand Central holding up “No Allegiance to Trump” signs:

5:06: “Black Lives Matter” area being set up:

5:02: Anti-Trump agitators to make life miserable for commuters:

5:00: More anti-Trump agitators at Grand Central in NYC:

4:55: Anti-Trump protesters getting ready across the street from Grand Central:

4:33: Bartender wearing “Make America Great Again” hat:

4:31: Hannity to interview Lewandowski:

4:30: New Sanders ad: Nothing Will Change Until We Elect Candidates Who Reject Wall Street Money:

4:26: Professional agitators unloading anti-Trump signs ahead of disruptions:

4:25: NYPD barricades ready for protests:

4:22: Muslim Democratic Club of New York getting ready for anti-Trump protests tonight:

4:10: Give Steve Kornacki on MSNBC some credit. When his guests pointed out Trump’s terrible poll numbers, he pointed out that Trump had terrible unfavorable numbers with Republicans before he entered the race and he turned those numbers around in three months.

3:30: On MSNBC, former NAACP head Ben Jealous, who is a Sanders supporter, points out that Sanders disavowed his supporter’s statement about “Democratic whores” and he demands Clinton apologize for de Blasio’s “unacceptable” joke about “colored people’s time.” He says Clinton starred in the skit and the campaign vetted it.

3:20: Hillary Clinton issues statement on CT Judge’s ruling that Sandy Hook lawsuit against gunmaker can go forward:

2:55: Trump campaign statement on decision not to charge Lewandowski with battery: “The matter is now concluded.”

Corey Lewandowski is gratified by the decision to drop the misdemeanor charge and appreciates the thoughtful consideration and professionalism by the Palm Beach State Attorney and his staff who carefully reviewed this matter, as well as Mr. Trump’s loyalty and the support of his colleagues and family during this time. The matter is now concluded.

2:35: Cruz Doubles Down on His Accusation that Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Lied to Him:

“Every word I said there is true and accurate. No one disputed a word I said,” he told the audience in Buffalo, New York of his scathing floor speech condemning his party’s Senate leader over Export-Import bank legislation. “The reaction in the Senate is how dare you say that out loud? They’re not upset that somebody lied to them!”

2:17: Authorities on Fields’s iPhone photos taken on the night of the incident:

2:10: Prosecutor says he spoke to Michelle Fields today and she was “disappointed” by the decision because she wanted the case to go forward.

2:02: DAVID ARONBERG, the Florida State attorney for Palm Beach County, says that standard for filing criminal charges against Corey Lewandowski is higher than “mere probable cause.” And it is “unethical for us to file cases when we believe there is not a good-faith basis to proceed” because the evidence is not strong enough to meet “the legal burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction.”

1:35: Ouch:

1:25: Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook dismisses Sanders’s campaign claim that 27,000 people attended Sanders’s Washington Square Park. Mook told CNN “the park service is saying it was significantly smaller than that. I think they’re actually saying it might have been as small as a third of the number that the Sanders campaign is quoting.”


1:20: Clinton campaign to join Democratic Party to sue Arizona over voting rights:

1:10: After Sharpton said this morning that Sanders is not resonating with black voters,  Sanders speaks at his National Action Network event. Sanders mentions that Flint was one of the wealthiest cities before it lost jobs due to bad trade deals. He wants to end private prisons and says, referring to Flint’s water crisis, that we should not be “poisoning” our children in the inner cities.


As Sanders took the stage at Sharpton’s National Action Network event, Clinton’s campaign announced that members of the Congressional Black Caucus will hold a conference call this afternoon contrasting the candidates on issues that impact African-Americans:

12:57: Trump up big in Monmouth’s PA poll:


12:56: Trump adviser reportedly tells GOP lawmakers in Congress that the campaign will clinch the nomination before the convention:

Despite Trump’s steep climb to win 1,237 delegates before the Cleveland convention, Brookover insisted a contested convention simply wouldn’t happen and that Trump was on a “glide path” to the nomination.

“The hard number is 1,237, and we think we’re going to blow way past that,” said Brookover, a long-time GOP political operative in Washington.

12:55: Trump’s lawyer won’t be able to vote for him in the NY Primary:

12:53: On MSNBC, Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders’s wife, says Pope Francis and her husband are “kindred spirits.” She also says that Clinton will not clinch the nomination ahead of the convention and the campaign will encourage super delegates to change their allegiances at a contested convention.

12:52: Paul Ryan dodges question on “rigged” nominating process:

12:50: Sanders disavows “Democratic whores” comment from supporter: