Watch: Trump Defends ‘New York Values’ at NY GOP Event

Thursday at the GOP Gala in New York City, Republican presidential front-runner offered a defense of “New York values,” something which his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had suggested was a quality of which voters should be wary when considering Trump as their choice for the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump defined “New York values” by offering some of those values qualities.

“You say, ‘What are New York values? Number one, honesty and straight talk,” Trump declared. “It’s a work ethic, hard-working people. It’s about family. New York, believe it, is about family. So important. It’s the energy to get things done — big energy. If Jeb Bush came here, I’m telling you he would have much more energy than he has right now. I’m telling you. He should move to New York, right? We’re builders we make things happen. So important — we make things happen. And it’s courage and community service because there is tremendous community service.”

He went on to tout the city’s response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the city and called that “New York values” on display.

“The firefighters and first-responders and the police officers and the Port Authority workers who ran up those stairs are New York values — and those are New Yorker values,” he said.

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