Bill Clinton: Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Would ‘Shoot Every Third Person on Wall Street’

Bill Clinton Steven Senne AP
Steven Senne/AP

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters would be happy to shoot a third of the bankers in New York, Bill Clinton suggested to his wife’s supporters in the city.

“I think it’s fine that all these young students have been so enthusiastic for her opponent and say, ‘It’s all good, just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine,'” Clinton said Friday to a small audience of Hillary Clinton’s supporters in Washington Heights, just a few blocks north of Central Park.

He made the jibe as he championed his wife’s promise to work through the establishment for Sanders-style socialist goals, and compared it to Sanders’ promises to his radical supporters of rushed change.

For example, Bill Clinton touted her support for the 2010 “Dodd-Frank” legislation that expanded the extensive federal regulation of the banking sector. “The truth is there are 50,000 fewer people there today. That Dodd-Frank act is working,” Clinton said, according to

Bill Clinton also jeered at Sanders’ Thursday night claim that Hillary Clinton won Democratic primaries in the southern states because those states’ Democratic voters are conservative.

“Not Florida. It’s one of the most diverse places in America,” he said. “They just believe in the future and they know who will change it. Not North Carolina, one of the most diverse places in the country. They understand the threat of people who want to take away their voting rights and they do not believe that the president lost the Congress because he wasn’t left-wing enough,” Clinton said.

The New York primary takes places Tuesday. Multiple polls show Clinton with a lead of roughly 14 points.