John Sununu on Cruz: ‘It Stings Anytime You Fail to Win Any Delegates in a State as Big as New York’

Bryan Thomas/Getty Images
Bryan Thomas/Getty Images
New York, NY

Former New Hampshire Senator and John Kasich supporter John Sununu spoke to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon about Ted Cruz’s poor performance in New York last night, saying “I think it stings anytime you fail to win any delegates in a state as big as New York. It’s tough. It means you performed badly everywhere. That’s a tough pill to swallow.”

“If John Kasich hadn’t of been in the race, Trump would have won all the delegates,” Sununu said in reference to the three delegates Team Kasich took away from New York in last night’s primary.

“In the group of states next week, John Kasich is running a strong second — in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut,” Sununu said, adding, “It’s obvious that Kasich is winning delegates that Ted Cruz can’t, and that’s important, obviously, if you don’t want Trump to get the majority.”

Asked if Kasich was staying in the race all the way to Convention in Cleveland, Sununu said, “I think so. Look, if you’re going to get to an open convention, as we saw last night, you need John Kasich in there winning delegates from Donald Trump, preventing anyone from getting to that majority. And I think this is democracy in action.”

In an obvious shot at Donald Trump, Sununu added, “Everyone knows how this process is laid out. Everyone knows what the rules are. So, there’s no point in whining about the system after the fact. Everyone got into this knowing the same thing and you’ve got to fight for delegates.”

Asked how he might take the fight to Hillary Clinton if Kasich secured the GOP nomination through a contested convention, Sununu said, “Hillary Clinton is someone who can’t be trusted. We need integrity, someone who does what they say and says what they do in the White House. Hillary Clinton has never been straight with the American people. She’s behaved like the rules don’t apply to her. And that’s fundamentally at odds with where America should be.”

Citing Kasich’s perceived strengths, Sununu added, “Kasich starts the campaign with an enormous advantage in key swing states, the states where Republicans have to win: Ohio, New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia. He’s poised to beat Hillary Clinton in those states and beat her strong. And that’s important to the Republican Party and conservatives in those states.”

As for this coming Tuesday, Sununu said of Kasich’s best opportunities, “I think Pennsylvania is going to be a very good state for him. Maryland in a weird state, they give them out by Congressional Districts, I think we’ll win at least 2 or 3 congressional districts in Maryland. And then the New England states. We’ll win delegates in both Rhode Island and Connecticut.”

“The difference right now between John Kasich and Ted Cruz is, Ted Cruz can’t say that,” he concluded.

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