***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump, Clinton Riding Momentum After Big NY Wins

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - APRIL 20: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guests and supporters during a rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on April 20, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are 57 delegates at stake in Indianas May 3 primary. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

10:05: Wall Street Journal on Trump’s evolving campaign: “GOP front-runner says his campaign is evolving; coming soon are policy addresses, teleprompters and a speechwriter.” Trump says he’s he transitioning because, I’m not going to blow it.” But the Journal notes that “Trump said he wouldn’t substantially change his personal style and populist message at his huge rallies.”

“I’m still the same candidate,” he said. “Can you imagine how upset my supporters would be after waiting for hours?”

10:02: Move.On opposing Sanders’s strategy to flip super delegates:

10:00: Former Ben Carson adviser donates again to pro-Cruz Super PAC

9:55: Sanders raises more money than Clinton, but he’s spending it faster (he spent $46 million in March… Socialists sure know how to spend other people’s money):

9:20: Sanders top strategist Tad Devine tells Rachel Maddow that he thinks Sanders can win the nomination before the convention but it’s going to be a difficult task.

8:14: Trump asks Maryland crowd if they love Tom Brady. He gets some boos in Ravens country.

8:12: Trump also points out that Kasich has high favorables because negative ads have not been run against him. He says he will “drop like a rock” if negatives ads are put up against Kasich.

8:10: Trump jokes that he is doing well in Delaware because he has so many of  his businesses registered there.

8:06: Trump says America is like the pathetic “big bully” that is getting beat up by other countries and says “we’re not going to get beat up anymore.” He says countries in NATO that America defends “must pay up” and “pay up all the back numbers that  you didn’t pay for years.” Trump says “we’re going to get rid of a lot of that debt.”

8:02: Trump says he’ll lower taxes for businesses and the middle class. And he vows to “knock the hell out of the regulatory environment”

8:00: Trump now talking about corporate inversion. He says he’ll get a deal in 15 minutes and the money will come pouring back to the U.S.

7:54: Trump is ripping the “losers” and “sleaze bags” at the Club for Growth for attacking him. Trump says it is because he didn’t give them $1 million.

7:51: Trump says we should cherish the police who keep us safe. He says people don’t realize what a great job our police do and he thanks the officers in attendance.

7:49: Trump vows to take back the country and “bring smart back.” He says we don’t put America First anymore and “it’s like America Last the way these people run it.”

7:46: Trump says some of candidates who are “professional debaters” get “flustered” when you cut them off, but “that’s real life.”

7:45: Trump says we’re going to get the gangs “the hell out” when he is president. Trump says if he didn’t bring up illegal immigration, it would not even be talked about now and has turned out to be one of the  most important things in this presidential campaign.

7:43: He again says Mexico’s leaders are too cunning for our leaders and they are not going to get away with it with him. Crowd chants “Build that wall! Build that wall!” Trump says his rallies are fun, unlike “Lyin Ted’s” rallies. He says Cruz’s rallies have about 25 people and people fall asleep as Cruz goes into his standard “dramatic” voice when talking about the most mundane topics.

7:42: Trump vows to beat “crooked Hillary” in the general election:

7:39: In Maryland, Trump compares himself to Babe Ruth and says he just has the “instinct” to make great trade deals and create jobs.

6:42: Clinton agrees with questioner that gun violence and homicide are public health issues like Ebola.

6:31: Clinton also in favor of taxing sodas to fund universal Pre-K programs.

6:30: Clinton says we all have “implicit biases” going back millennia. She doesn’t want to talk about it in an “accusatory” way but we must talk about our “internal biases” in every community setting that is open to doing it.

6:29: Clinton says the federal government must be the “main instigator of change” based on evidence re: law enforcement reforms. She says police officers must learn how to “deescalate” situations and distinguish between what are real threats from those that aren’t. Sounding like Sanders, she says “we’ve got to do a much better job demilitarizing our police forces.” Clinton says some of that is the legacy of 9-11 and points out that President Obama is taking steps to reverse some of the demilitarization. She talks about the need to rebuild relationships between the police and the community and says there should be “constant interactions” that should be taking place.

6:21: A questioner in the audience asks Clinton about stop and frisk in Philadelphia. He says the son of one of the mothers on stage with Clinton would be alive had it not been for stop and frisk. He wants the president to use the bully pulpit to end stop and frisk and wants to know Clinton’s thoughts and how she can aid in the effort. Clinton wants to answer and then ask Holder to answer as well. Clinton says after New York ended stop and frisk, the crime rate is at an all-time low and the evidence people use to justify stop and frisk doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. She hopes the federal government–through the incentives it provides to local police departments–can change the mindset of police departments in favor of a more “community-grounded approach.” She says the federal government can “play a much bigger role” in providing the “carrots and the sticks” to local police departments so they don’t fall back on the “lowest common denominator.” Holder backs up Clinton on evidence-based law enforcement policies.

6:17: When moderator asks Clinton if she is willing to “ride or die” with victims of gun violence, Clinton says they are asking all of us to “ride or die” with them. She says she has had the great fortune to have gotten to know the mothers of the movement over the last couple months and says, referencing Chelsea, “I can’t even imagine.” She says she has the greatest respect for what they have gone through and their protests, demands. She says that is exactly what they should be doing and “we have to do more” to hold everybody responsible. She hopes “we are going to form a movement” and not just have “sporadic protests and outbursts” that doesn’t “congeal” into the change they want.

6:15: Agitators in “Mexico attire” asked to leave Maryland gym before Trump rally:

6:12: Protester already removed before Trump’s Berlin, Maryland rally:

6:10: Trump supporters waiting for GOP frontrunner in Maryland:

5:50: Clinton says there are “too many guns” on the street, calls for “national consensus” on criminal justice reform:

4:50: Black Lives Matter protesters reportedly demanding Clinton pardon all victims of the ’94 Crime Bill (Clinton getting ready to hold event on gun control with Eric Holder):

4:41: Cruz says the “grassroots” are at the RNC meeting in Florida:

4:37: Trump supporters in Maryland:

4:25: Cruz suggests Kasich is auditioning to be Trump’s vice president:

4:20: Trump says he couldn’t hear Bill O’Reilly’s questions because the enthusiastic crowd was making so much noise. Speaking about the movement  he is leading, Trump says O’Reilly said that in his lifetime, he has never seen anything like what we’ve done and it is the single most important political event that he has seen in his lifetime with the possible exception of JFK’s assassination. Trump says it is a “massive thing that is happening in our country” because “we don’t want to be the stupid people anymore.”

4:18: Trump says there are no consequences when companies like Carrier leave. He says he will “tax the hell” out of companies that leave the country. Trump says Carrier would not be leaving Indiana if he were in office.

4:17: Cruz again calling for debate with Trump before Pennsylvania primary:

4:15: Southern Dem. Leaders Going After Sanders for minimizing “the importance of the voices of a core constituency for our party”: African-American primary voters.


4:10: Trump says it’s about “America First” as crowd chants “U-S-A! U-S-A!” He

4:02: Cruz says Trump is not going to reach 1,237. He adds that Trump has problems out west.

4:00: Trump says he was honored that Drudge featured a story about how the Chinese leaders were angry at Trump’s rhetoric. Trump says they are angry because he is exposing how they have been ripping us off for decades.

3:59: Gravis Delaware Poll: Trump leading by 37 points.

Kasich conceding Delaware already:

3:54: Trump says the media wanted him to go below 50% in New York so they can write headlines like “Trump defeated in New York.”

3:53: Trump says the primary system is a “rigged system” to allow the bosses to pick who they want and not allow someone like Trump to run and defend Americans against foreign nations on trade. “It’s rigged for the lobbyists. It’s rigged for the donors. It’s rigged for the special interests,” Trump says.

3:49: Trump asks the audience, “do we hate the media?” Crowd answers, “yes!” Trump says he doesn’t hate anybody and he may not be here if it weren’t for the media “so maybe we shouldn’t be complaining.”

[Another bizarre off-the-cuff comment from Trump that goes against a campaign theme.]

3:42: Trump says free trade is fine if we have smart leaders but we have “dummies” right now negotiating the deals.

3:40: Trump calls out someone in a Trump mask who was protesting.

Reporters spotted “Captain America” in a Trump mask before the rally.

3:37: Trump says our country may die (though he doesn’t want to use the word) if we don’t get smart on trade and the military. He says we have to build our military so “we’re not messed with.” He says Putin is modernizing Russia’s military and “we don’t do that. We’re getting smaller, smaller, weaker, weaker.” He says “our country right now is so vulnerable.”

3:36: Trump’s back at it:

3:35: Trump says jobs are being ripped away from the states like candy from a baby. He says we have rebuilt China with a trade deficit that is unsustainable and “it’s amazing that it’s been going on for so long.”

3:30: Trump says he wasn’t supposed to be in Indiana today but he had to come early. Protesters try to disrupt his speech and Trump says “it never ends.” Trump says he would love to run against “crooked Hillary” and “Bernie wouldn’t be as much fun.”

3:20: Trump and Christie met with Pence before Trump’s rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

3:16: In Indiana, Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller labels Cruz as “Goldman Sachs’s favorite Senator.” Miller points out Cruz sided with China over America on currency manipulation and favors the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. He says Trump will always put Americans first. Miller says Trump has the endorsement of 16,500 border patrol agents, and it is the first time in history that the border patrol agents have endorsed a presidential candidate. Miller points out that Cruz offered an amendment to increase by 500% the number of foreign workers coming into the country. He says Cruz puts donor first while Trump puts you first. He asks, “Isn’t it time  you had fighting in your corner?” He says Trump will fight as hard for you as the other side fights for illegal immigrants.”

3:05: Trump tells the New York Times that Jeb would be the GOP nominee had Trump not entered the race and defined the former Florida governor as a “low-energy” candidate:

2:45: Protesters/Supporters at Indiana State Fairgrounds:

2:30: Cruz’s campaign manager arguing to delegates delegates that Cruz will help with down-ballot races and a Trump nomination would be such a down-ballot disaster that it it could “be a situation where we’d have to rename our party.”

2:25: Cruz for the first time says GOP headed to contested convention.

2:22: Harry Reid suggests Sanders has gone too negative.

“He’s never had a negative campaign, he’s said, and he’s never run a negative ad, and I think he’s losing touch with that,” Reid told the Wall Street Journal. “I hope that he’s not trying to become somebody that he isn’t — that’s what I would tell him.”

2:20: Dr. Ben Carson thinks there are other ways to honor Harriet Tubman (perhaps on $2 bill).

2:15: Clinton excited about Harriet Tubman being face of $20 bill:

Sanders chimes in as well:

2:05: Monmouth PA poll: Clinton beats Sanders by 13 points.

2:00: Trump will meet with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who has not endorsed a candidate yet. Chris Christie to campaign for Trump in Indiana.


A few protesters starting to gather outside of Trump’s Indiana event:


1:56: Club for Growth to spend another million in Indiana to defeat Trump.

1:55: Ted Cruz will appear at the RNC Rules Committee meeting in Florida. Paul Manafort will represent Trump’s campaign.