John Kasich Surrogate Robert Walker: ‘All Indications Are That We’re Staying In’

John Kasich
Alex Wong/Getty
Washington, DC

Robert Walker, former Pennsylvania Congressman and John Kasich surrogate, tells Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, “All indications are that we’re staying in.”

When asked why, given the Ohio governor’s weak position, said Walker:

To see to it that the conservative values that many of us have stood for for a long time still have representation in the field. The fact is that somebody needs to be standing up for fiscal responsibility. They need to be standing up for global security. And a lot of the values that defined the party of Lincoln and Reagan and even Gingrich are values that Donald Trump doesn’t really talk about in his campaign.

And that’s the thing that drives us forward. We think there needs to be someone out there who is not speaking just to the dark side but speaking to a positive set of values on which we should govern in the 21st century.

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