Pat Caddell on ‘Alien vs. Predator’ General Election: ‘It’s a Heavyweight Fight’ Between Trump and Hillary


Veteran pollster Pat Caddell says on Breitbart News Daily if the Democrats had a fair primary in place Hillary Clinton would already be out of the race — and that an election between Donald Trump and Clinton is sure to be a “heavyweight fight.”

“Look, we have Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s coronated candidate in a rigged political system, with the greatest political machine in history. And the entire Democratic leadership in the country and the party on board for her no matter what crime she commits. And you have a 74-year-old socialist who has taken her to the wall? Really?” he told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.

“There’s going to be more fireworks in the Democratic Party in my opinion,” he continued. “You’ve got Hillary Clinton — this is a country that wants real change. For them. For themselves. They want real control. Hillary Clinton is anything but a change agent. This is more of the same crap you’ve had in the country continue, and Donald Trump… is a right change agent. But he is a change agent. And that is some of the underlying flows of this election.”

“Look who has lost: Jeb Bush. If the Republican Party had super delegates, my God, he’d still be in the race,” and the pundit class would be declaring “he’s still ahead,” Caddell said. “All the money, all the support, all the endorsements — gone.”

Caddell also said he’s “appalled” at liberal journalists trying to force Bernie Sanders out of the race to coronate Clinton.

“The fact is, if there were any kind of fair system, if Iowa had not been stolen, which is what happened — Bernie Sanders won Iowa. If they had any kind of fair system… she would be gone,” he said.

“It’s a heavyweight fight for sure,” he replied when Bannon asked if a general election match-up between Trump and Clinton would be an “Alien vs. Predator” battle. “But as I said, we may not yet be done. There’s more twists in this road to come.”

Clinton is indeed struggling to shore up support in her own party and despite holding onto the overwhelming support of the party’s super delegates, continues to lose primary battles against Sanders.

“But in the 2008 Democratic primary in Indiana, Clinton beat Obama. She received 646,282 votes, while a whopping total of 1,278,355 people voted in the 2008 Democratic primary,” according to exclusive data analysis done by Breitbart News. “Clinton, who lost Indiana on Tuesday night to devout socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in another embarrassing performance for the likely eventual Democratic nominee, has seen a significant drop off in her own vote totals versus her 2008 campaign. She has dropped 349,294 votes, or nearly 46 percent, from her 2008 performance in Indiana.”

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