Pat Caddell Rips Pundit Class For Ignoring ‘History In The Making’: ‘They Have Been Wrong About Everything’

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump signs autographs for supporters following a rally at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center on April 21, 2016 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Mark Makela/Getty Images

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell lit into the professional pundit class Wednesday on Breitbart News Daily, telling SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon they completely failed to notice the country was undergoing a revolution as voters continue to reject free trade and open borders. 

“Think for a moment what has happened. The establishment — by the way, and I just want to say this about the commentators. I am just appalled at these people. For a year and a half, they have been wrong about everything,” Caddell said, adding that pundits have cluelessly declared Donald Trump’s campaign dead again and again. “We are having a paradigm change of enormous proportions.”

“This whole year has been historically different. This is history in the making. You’re in the middle of a maelstrom,” he continued. “And all I know is the people who have been wrong, and who did not stop last night and say, gee whiz — the people who said Trump could never be nominated, and they may shoot themselves, some of them may jump off of buildings, whatever. The fact of the matter is, we have changed the Republican Party, the Democratic Party.”

The chattering class hasn’t realized the magnitude of the changes shaking the foundation of the Democratic Party, he noted. 

“Look, we have Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s coronated candidate in a rigged political system with the greatest political machine in history. And the entire Democratic leadership in the country and the party on board for her no matter what crime she commits. And you have a 74-year-old socialist who has taken her to the wall? Really?” he said. 

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