Donald Trump Nominee: The 12 Signs That Trump Will Win the White House–POLITICO Magazine

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Matt Latimer writes at Politico:

Unless the #NeverTrump people have been hiding a mad scientist with a DeLorean in a warehouse somewhere and haven’t gotten around to telling anybody, Donald J. Trump is now the certain Republican nominee for president of the United States. True to form, having learned nothing from their yearlong string of overconfident and embarrassingly wrong predictions about voter behavior and preferences, the D.C. pundit class has already proclaimed him a general election loser.

Not so fast. For the handful of polls that have Trump losing by double digits, there’s one or two that foretell a much closer race. And if enough major chips fall the tangerine billionaire’s way, he may get his shot at repainting the White House metallic gold. Want to know if you should join Lena Dunham on a house-hunting trip in Canada? Here’s a month-by-month guide of the signs of a looming Trump victory.


Sign #1: Bernie Sanders keeps winning primaries, while Trump eggs him on.

Sanders’ surprise victory in Indiana almost certainly guarantees that Hillary Clinton will be battling the Vermont Democrat all the way to the convention. And it’s not at all unlikely that Sanders will win other states on the road to California (such as West Virginia or Oregon). This is a big opportunity for Trump. Imagine: He echoes Sanders’ talk on trade while amplifying the idea that Sanders’ supporters are being cheated by a “rigged” process, paving a road for Sanders’ fanatics that leads directly into the Trump camp. In Indiana, 30 percent of Sanders voters said they wouldn’t support Hillary Clinton if she were the nominee. If Trump can take even half of them in Indiana and beyond, that’s a major advance.

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