‘Crooked Hillary’ Strikes Back: Trump the ‘Presumptuous Nominee’

Seth Wenig/AP
Washington, DC

After Donald Trump coined the nickname “crooked Hillary” for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, she appears to have come up with a nickname for him, the “presumptuous nominee.”

“Their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee,” Clinton said, referring to Republicans, “has made it really clear he basically said wages are too high in America. And that’s why he doesn’t think we need to raise the minimum wage. And I gotta tell you I ask myself all the time, who he is talking to?”

Clinton made her comment on Friday to a crowd while campaigning in Oakland, California, according to ABC News.

Clinton has also called Trump a “loose cannon.”

“Donald Trump turns around and says, ‘Oh I don’t care if other countries get nuclear weapons,’” Clinton stated on Thursday while campaigning in Los Angeles. “That is the kind of risk this country cannot afford to take. That is dangerous, that’s like a loose cannon that we cannot afford, right?”