Joe Biden on Donald Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet: ‘He’s a Smarter Guy Than This’

Trump Taco Bowl Tweet
Twitter / @realdonaldtrump
Washington, DC

Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on Donald Trump’s Cinco de Mayo taco bowl Tweet with the caption ‘I love Hispanics!”

“He’s a smarter guy than this,” Biden said of Trump’s Tweet when asked by Fox 5. “I hope he reaches the point where he figures out that it’s not a game show and he talk in earnest about where he would take the country. Because that is the kind of debate the public deserves.”

I know Hillary [Clinton] or Bernie [Sanders], if he is the nominee, will do that. But the American public deserves genuine debate at this moment in our history on the direction of the country — whether we continue the direction we are on and moving forward or are we making a significant change. I’m not sure he knows.

The Tweet has been shared more than 83,000 times on Twitter.