The Nuclear Option — Shut Up and Get in Line: Imperfect Donald Trumps Hillary


Now, it is time to unify behind your party’s nominee.

There is no such thing as the perfect candidate!

What, are you really going to vote for the Democrat?

Don’t be ridiculous, a third party vote IS a vote for the Democrat!

You have voted in every election since you turned 18. You are NOT going to stay home this year!

Snippets of despairing conversations from Tuesday night?

Nope. These are just a few of the thousands of entreaties we have heard for the past 25 years for why so many conservative, freedom-loving patriots had to get behind so many of the atrocious and compromised candidates the Republican Party belched up for us.

And, time and again, they wore us down. They ground away our resistance. We caved. We surrendered. We voted for Mitt Romney.

It was such a detestable act that the only way we could screw up the appetite for it was to lie ourselves into thinking, really, this guy is GREAT! He is a turnaround artist! Total flip flopper, but he’s from Massachusetts! No passion or authenticity, but a really smart technocrat! He will get things done!

In the past 26 years, we have had just two Republican presidents. They were both named Bush.

Under the two of them collectively, they raised taxes, nationalized education, oversaw massive increases in federal spending, more than doubled the national debt and launched a trillion-dollar interventionist war that we ultimately surrendered and put it on our credit card.

This year, Republicans spent $100 million hoping to triple down on that Bush magic. They lost. And then they lost their party.

Now, it is time to unify behind your party’s nominee.

Truly, we know this is hard. We know better than any of you just how hard this is. We have done it so many times, we can hardly look at ourselves in the mirror.

But, we can tell you, it will get easier.

No, Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate. He may have a few slight flaws.

But he sure did beat the crap out of every one of the horribly flawed candidates you offered up.

There was Jeb! What a hot, fast, awkward fling that was!

You even tried co-opting the “tea party” by hiring Marco Rubio to be your seasonal worker. Only to learn later that Liddle Marco had committed absolute apostasy on the single most urgently important issue to us: illegal immigration.

Now it is all over. You can stop fighting now. There is only one thing left to do.

Shut up and get in line.

And, please, try to do it with good cheer and a smile on your face. We have a general election to win! You don’t want Hillary Clinton to win, do you?

Charles Hurt can be reached at Follow him on Twitter via @charleshurt.