Sarah Palin Doesn’t Deny Trump VP Questions

Sarah Palin speaks during a panel discussion before a preview of the film "Climate Hustle" on Capitol Hill, on Thursday, April 14, 2016, in Washington. Palin says voters won’t stand for it if Republican power brokers try to take the presidential nomination away from Donald Trump or Ted Cruz at …
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Former Gov. Sarah Palin, a strong supporter of Donald Trump, avoided a question about whether she may serve as GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s 2016 running mate, when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked on Sunday.

On CNN’s State of the Union Tapper asked Palin if she was willing to be vetted as a potential running mate for Trump, who is now vetting potential vice presidential candidates.

Palin responded:

I think I’m pretty much as vetted as anybody in the country could be vetted already. So I think there are so many other great people out there in America who could serve in this position. I think if someone wanted to choose me they already know who I am, what I stand for. They wouldn’t be in for any surprises.

Tapper pressed Palin on whether she would be willing to discuss with Trump the possibility of her taking on the position yet again.

She came back:

I want to help and not hurt and I am such a realist that I realize there are a whole lot of people out there who would say ‘Anybody but Palin.’ I wouldn’t want to be a burden on the ticket. And I recognize that in many, many eyes I would be that burden so ya know I just, I just want the guy to win. I want America to win.

Tapper asserted that “a lot of Republicans” are worried about Trump’s standing with women voters, citing a Gallup poll that 7-in-10 women voters have an “unfavorable” view of Trump.

Sen. Ted Cruz has credited Palin in large part for his success in winning his Texas seat in the United States Senate. Palin endorsed Trump in January of this year.

Since Arizona Sen. John McCain lost his bid for the presidency in 2008, running-mate Palin has taken on multiple projects, including several books, the show Amazing America on the Sportsman Channel and Sarah Palin’s Alaska. People magazine reported in March that Palin has a new courtroom-style show in the works. The release is set for fall of 2017.

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