Indians Ask Hindu Gods to Make Donald Trump President

An Indian Hindu priest performs a Hawan (The Sarced Fire)ritual alongside posters bearing the image of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in New Delhi on May 11, 2016. Right-wing Indian Hindu activists are holding a religious puja to help ensure victory for US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in …
Washington, DC

Donald Trump won over roughly a dozen Indians who are asking the Hindu gods to make Trump the President of the United States.

“Around a dozen members of a right-wing Indian Hindu group lit a ritual fire and chanted mantras Wednesday asking the Hindu gods to help Trump win the U.S. presidential election,” the Associated Press reports from New Delhi.

While Trump has dominated the Republican primary race to decide the party’s candidate for the November election, his calls for temporarily banning Muslims from America and cracking down on extremist groups abroad have earned him some fans in India.

“The whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it,” stated Vishnu Gupta, who founded the Hindu Sena nationalist organization. “Only Donald Trump can save humanity.”

The group supports Trump “because he is hope for humanity against Islamic terror.”