Conservative Women: Donald Trump Unpredictable, But Hillary Clinton ‘Completely Predictable,’ ‘What a Bad Candidate’

Hillary Clinton Woman Card Seth WenigAP
Seth Wenig/AP
Washington, DC

Although Donald Trump wasn’t the most conservative candidate in the GOP primary, according to some Republican women he is a better option than Hillary Clinton.

“I feel sad for Democratic women that the first nominee for president for a woman is Hillary Clinton, what a bad candidate,” President and CEO of Concerned Women for America Penny Nance told Breitbart News in response to a recent article in New York Magazine, in which the writer described “feeling bad” and having “pity” for Republican women.

I look forward to the day when we have a woman president, but I don’t want it to be Hillary Clinton and truthfully many, many Democrat women agree with me to the point that Madeleine Albright had to threaten women with hell to get them to vote for Hillary against Bernie Sanders in the primaries, so she’s not particularly liked. She’s not trusted, according to all the polling data that I’ve seen. She has used incredibly poor judgment in foreign policy. She has used poor judgment as far as her accountability to the rules that every other government worker lives under.

“She has used poor judgment in coming after other women when they dared to tell the story that they were harassed by her husband,” Nance added. “I was around during the Clinton years. I was in my twenties working as a lobbyist. I’m close in age to Monica Lewinsky and back then, when a woman came forward. and there were many women, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky was the latest.”

“One woman even accused him of rape and there was none of this, ‘A woman is to be believed until proven otherwise.’ They were immediately thrown under the bus. They were immediately harassed and demeaned and scorned, and she was a part of all of that,” Nance recalled of Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton is completely predictable,” Nance said, in reference to Trump being unpredictable. “She’s about big government. She’s against secure energy. She is weak in foreign policy and she is pro-abortion. I could never support her and if you disagree with her policy, woman or man, you should vote against her.”

Nance said the biggest issue facing this election is the potential nomination of several Supreme Court Justices.

“We know exactly what she’s going to do,” Nance said of Hillary Clinton’s potential nominees. “They will be liberal legislators from the bench.”

“We must stand against those kinds of nominees,” she stressed.

Gabrielle Jackson Bosché, millennial author and CEO of The Millennial Solution, echoed Nance, saying that for her, Trump is a better option than Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary plays the gender card every day on the campaign trail. As a woman entrepreneur, I can relate to the struggle of making a name for yourself in a man’s world. But I don’t need a President who has to remind me she’s a woman. I would rather have a president who reminds me why I’m an American,”  Jackson Bosché explained.

Donald Trump isn’t politically correct, and that’s what is making him so attractive to voters. We’re tired of bubble wrapping our comments as to not offend anyone. I think most people concerned about the important stuff like national security and the economy are pushing past the Twitter rhetoric and looking for someone who gets stuff done and doesn’t just talk about it.

Jackson Bosché responded to the notion that female voters might sit out this election in response to not approving of either candidate, saying, “This is déjà vu for the Republican party. In 2012 thousands of evangelical Christians stayed home because they didn’t want to vote for a Mormon. Well, they got Obamacare instead.”

“Not voting for Hillary or Trump is giving someone else the chance to vote for you,” she added. “The suffragettes worked too hard to let that happen.”

“Voters want someone who represents their values in office,” she explained, commenting on whether or not gender should be a factor for electing a person to office. “If they think being a woman impacts their worldview the most, then they should only vote for women. If they believe their individual liberty defines them more than their race, age or gender, then that should be their guide.”

Jackson Bosché went on to say:

Of course I would like to see more women in Congress, just like I would like to see more Millennials in boardrooms and more minorities in Hollywood. But diversity isn’t a box to be checked and it isn’t achieved with more color or gender. Most women I know, myself included, don’t expect to be treated differently just because we’re a woman. Although opening the door for us would be nice.

Jackson Bosché said it would be wise for Trump to have his daughter Ivanka more on the campaign trail with women. She said millennial mothers relate to Ivanka’s ability to “do it all.”

“That will go a long way in connecting to women in their 30’s and 40’s. Millennial women may be harder to convince, but certainly not impossible. He convinced me,” she suggested.