Donald Trump Corrects Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad: ‘Pathetic New Hit Ad’ Out of Context

Priorities USA Ad
Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took to Twitter to blast Priorities USA, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, for a new ad splicing together a number of Trump’s statements about women.

Trump said one of the statements used in the ad is out of context, explaining he was referencing China when he said they could “go f— themselves.”

“Priorities USA’s ads Monday represented the first of a reported $130 million ad campaign designed to help turn out female, black, and Latino voters, many of whom polls have shown to be turned off by Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric,” according to Business Insider.

The New York Times  notes the ad is scheduled to begin airing on Wednesday in four swing states.

“The group’s $6 million investment includes two ads that offer scathing critiques of Mr. Trump’s comments about women that will run for the next three weeks in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Nevada,” reports The New York Times.

Trump also criticized Clinton for saying she would put her husband, former president Bill Clinton, in charge of the economy, referencing the “energizer,” which is reportedly the nickname of one of Bill Clinton’s alleged mistresses.