Todd Seavey: ‘Clinton Cash’ Shows the Clintons as ‘Sociopathic, Self-Serving Predators’

Bill Clinton; Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Todd Seavey writes about what the revelations in the new documentary film “Clinton Cash” based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book by the same name, says about Hillary Clinton’s character.

To give a stark example, there comes a point when you should stop saying, “He’s a good guy who loves the Communist Party’s firm hand, but I think some of his political projects work out badly” and start saying, “He’s the kind of brutal monster who loves watching farms collectivized and dissidents shoved into gulags.”

To give a more mainstream example, yesterday at Cannes was the premiere (in between unannounced fake terror-attack drills featuring ISIS flags and crowd-alarming realistic soldiers, but that’s a scandal for another time) of the documentary Clinton Cash, and even MSNBC says it shockingly connects the dots, powerfully suggesting the Clinton Foundation is a vast bribe-taking machine by which the Clintons serve foreign dictators (with some $100 million reportedly coming in from Middle East autocrats alone).

Some of the most decent, warmhearted political thinkers in the world—including friends of mine—would say that we ought to weigh Clinton’s policy views and foundation activities without regard to theories about her motivations or personality. But is that really making the wisest use of available evidence, including evidence about her psyche? Is it so hard to believe that while we should never leap to the conclusion our enemies are jerks, they might in fact turn out to be jerks? Aren’t the best theories the ones that most efficiently explain all the available evidence, sometimes evidence drawn from psychology, as Jonathan Haidt well knows?

There’s a point at which it’s irresponsible to avoid the dawning realization your neighbor is a serial killer, and I think we’re way past the point at which we should’ve realized as a society that most politicians are sociopathic, self-serving predators, the Clintons plainly among them. (And Trump’s top advisor practically works for Putin, so none of the above should be met with the pseudo-retort, “So you like Trump?” I do not, and his psychological problems may be even more obvious.)

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