Peter Schweizer: World Sees ‘Clinton Cash’ Hillary as Typical ‘Kleptocrat’

Washington, DC

While discussing  the new Clinton Cash documentary with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, author Peter Schweizer said, “The media in the developing world, say, in South Africa and others, very much see, if you read between the lines, in Hillary Clinton the experiences that they’ve had with their own countries, where they have these kleptocrats that basically take over.”

The film Clinton Cash is based on his bestselling book by the same name and premiered this week at the Cannes Film Festival at a special screening for distributors.

Schweizer agreed with host Bannon that it’s a “disgrace” that that could be the world’s take on a potential Hillary Clinton administration. “This is a sea change,” said Schweizer, “A lot of the responses that I got were, well, you know, we’re used to this. This happens all the time, so why is this a big deal for you?” Schweizer said he counters that it is a big deal because “it’s not the way that we’ve been governed over the decades.”

“I believe that she has and her husband Bill, sort of merged together, have a profound belief in entitlement. First of all, they have a very high opinion of themselves as public servants, that they’ve done this amazing job.” While acknowledging that is hardly unique among politicians, Schweizer added:

But with the Clintons, you not only get this sense that they’ve done so much for the country, they’ve done so much for the world, then the backend of that is, and as a result, it’s because of the sacrifices that we’ve made that we deserve to cash in. And that’s where you get the sense that they think it’s okay to engage in this kind of behavior.

The trailer for Clinton Cash is available here.

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