Donald Trump on SCOTUS List: ‘We’ll Be Adding Some Additional Ones’

Trump Supreme Crt Picks
Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump said he would be adding to his list of potential Supreme Court nominees, which he released on Wednesday.

“We’ll be adding some additional ones,” Trump told the crowd at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s fundraiser in New Jersey on Thursday night.  “It’s outstanding.”

Trump released a list of 11 potential nominees on Wednesday, whom he would nominate to replace the late Justice Scalia passed away, if he’s elected President of the United States.

Trump said that, in addition to “Security first,” appointing possibly three to five Justices to the Supreme Court will be one of the most important tasks of the next president.

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity during an interview Wednesday night that his list of 11 potential nominees wasn’t complete.

“I thought what I would do is put this forward, and this would be the list that I would either choose from or pick people very close in terms of the spirit and the meaning of what they represent,” Trump told Hannity.

“We’re either going to choose from this list or people very close to it,” he added. “At a minimum, we will keep people from this general realm.”