***Horse Race LiveWire** Clinton Argues Trump Not Qualified to Be POTUS, Refuses to Defend Husband’s ‘Honor’

Brendan Smialowski/AFP, Justin Sullivan/Getty

As Bernie Sanders vows to stay in the race until the last votes are cast, Donald Trump has taken the lead over Hillary Clinton in two national polls. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

9:05: Pro-Clinton Super PAC rehashing failed “con-man” attacks from GOP primary:

9:00: Top Trump campaign staffers reportedly caught in screaming match on NY street

8:35: Clinton slams Trump on Twitter:

7:34: Trump says the Border Patrol Agents told him they absolutely need the wall. As the crowd chants “build the wall,” Trump says he will build a wall so “if they ever get up,” they’ll wonder how they are going to get down. He also vows to rebuild our military because it is being decimated. He cites fighter jets going to junkyards.

7:24: Trump also vows to do well with African-Americans and Hispanics because he will bring back jobs and not make America the “stupid country.”

7:17: Trump vows to win Michigan. “Watch what happens,” he says.

7:15: Trump says the anti-Trump forces “gave up” after Indiana. He then talks about how he will make great trade deals. He says he saw places in New York and Pennsylvania that used to be “vibrant” and now you can buy shuttered factories for $2. He blasts Clinton for vowing to put miners out of business.

7:08: Trump rips Clinton for her “bad judgment” on her email scandal. Trump says it is an “absolute disgrace” that Clinton is allowed to run for president after her email scandal.

7:07: Trump says “you’re 100% wrong” if you don’t think the Egypt Air plane got “blown out of the sky.” Trump doesn’t know if the country can ever recover if Clinton gets into the White House.

7:05: Trump says he would love to debate Clinton. And he agrees with Sanders that Clinton is not qualified to be president because of her bad judgment. He slams Clinton for using “radical Islamic terrorism.” Trump suggests Clinton is not using the term because she is being nice to Obama and Trump wonders why the Clintons, who hated Obama, are being so nice to Obama now.

7:01: Trump says Christie paid off his entire campaign debt tonight.

7:00: Slamming Hillary, Chris Christie, at a rally with Trump, says we don’t want someone in the White House who is more worried about being charged than the interests of the American people.

6:50: Rabid agitators/protesters at Trump rally:

6:35: Speaker at Trump rally suggests sending ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox some soap:

6:25: Fox News Poll: Voters trust Trump over Clinton on economy (+12), terrorism (+12), telling the truth to the American people (+15), managing your tax dollars (+14), restoring trust in government (+8). More voters think Clinton is more corrupt than Trump (49%-37%). Majorities also believe Trump will build a wall, institute a temporary Muslim ban, and nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court.

5:50: Sanders campaign manager hoping super delegates do not “rubber-stamp the pledged-delegate count” and “take another look” at Sanders.

“When they get to the convention,” Weaver continued, “nobody has the delegates to win with pledged delegates, it’s going to be the superdelegates who are going to have to decide this.”


“Now we can argue about the merits of having superdelegates,” Weaver continued, “but we do have them. And if their role is just to rubber stamp the pledged-delegate count then they really aren’t needed. They’re supposed to exercise independent judgement about who they think can lead the party forward to victory.”

Weaver added that superdelegates don’t vote until they actually go to the convention, and he considers their allegiances as movable as poll numbers.

If by the convention Sanders has “substantial momentum” and has substantially “closed the gap” in pledged delegates, Weaver said, “I think there’s a strong argument to be made to superdelegates that they should take another look.”

5:45: Trump slowly uniting Republicans, receives highest Gallup favorability rating among GOP voters to date:

As a number of Republican Party leaders express dissatisfaction with Donald Trump being their party’s presumptive nominee, rank-and-file Republicans have become more positive about the billionaire businessman. Over the last seven days, Trump’s favorable rating among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents has reached 66%, the highest since Gallup began tracking him nine months ago. His unfavorable rating is at 30%.

5:41: Sanders: We expect voters in remaining primary states to disagree with Clinton’s assertion that she will be the Dem. nominee and the race is over.

5:35: Scene outside of Trump/Christie fundraiser:

5:25: Trump campaign denies left-wing BuzzFeed media credentials for event with Christie:

5:01: More evidence of Trumps crossover appeal: United Auto Workers Union poll found 28% of its members support Trump.

In recent polling, the UAW found about 28% of its members support Mr. Trump, who has taken a tough stance opposing the North American Free Trade Agreement and pushed for a tax on American companies moving factory work to Mexico.

4:45: Anti-Trump protesters outside Trump/Christie fundraiser:

4:20: Interesting finding in YouGov poll:

While 25% of Republicans say that they understand why someone would vote for Hillary Clinton, 30% of Democrats can understand why someone would vote for Donald Trump. Independents are more likely to understand a vote for Trump (49% to 39%), but slightly more likely to not understand a vote for Clinton (45% to 41%).

3:59: Dem. Senators warn Sanders that he may lose clout if he doesn’t rally behind Clinton, worried that the Nevada convention discord could spill into U.S. Senate and divide party.

3:51: Trump campaign: We’re “definitely going to be a lot more aggressive” attacking Clinton on every kind of attack. Miller says the campaign will ramp up its attacks because Clinton will be a “dangerous person to put in the White House.”

3:50: Trump campaign’s Miller slams Clinton for wanting to put Bill in charge of the economy. He mentions that Clinton signed NAFTA that destroyed the middle class and allowed China into the WTO. He says the Clinton legacy is outsourcing and foreign wars.

3:45: On CNN, Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s top policy advisers, says he feels sorry for Sanders supporters because the party is on the verge of nominating the most pro-war and pro-Wall Street candidate in the party’s history. Miller says that’s not the right fit for the party or the country. Miller agrees with Sanders that Clinton is not qualified to be president. Miller cites Clinton’s judgment, citing her decision to go to war in Iraq and Libya policies that unleashed ISIS. He says Clinton wants to start wars in the Middle East and then admit refugees without knowing who they are. “That is a recipe for disaster,” he says.

3:35: Hillary even called a co-conspirator:

2:45: Sanders super delegate continues to insists Nev. convention unfair to Sanders:

2:35: Polish community furious at Clinton’s for Bill’s comments about Polish people wanting a “Putin-like” dictatorship” because “democracy is too much trouble.”

2:23: Manafort (not Trump?) is now Trump’s chief strategist.

2:20: Clinton press secretary very happy with her CNN interview:

2:10: Clinton says most of what Trump says about America is “negative.”

2:08: Clinton: I don’t feel compelled to defend my husband’s honor: When asked if Clinton ever feels compelled to defend the honor of her husband, Clinton says “no.” She says she’s not going to be responding because that’s what Trump is fishing for. [Interesting answer: Americans don’t like candidates who won’t defend their significant other when she/he is attacked. There is no doubt/question that Trump would defend his wife’s honor.]

2:05: Cuomo says Trump has adopted the “go ugly” mentality without mentioning all of the mud Clinton’s allies will throw at Trump. She asked if Trump’s attacks will be more powerful if she ignores them like her fellow wonkish technocrat Jeb!. She says she is very confident that her “record of accomplishment” and “vision for the future” will counteract Trump’s attacks (a very Jeb-like answer). She says if you pick a fight with a bully, you go down to their level as Cuomo does his best to frame Trump as a bully. Clinton insists she has “very thick skin.”

2:02: When asked if she should reach out to Sanders to unify the party, Clinton again gives a roundabout answer. She says Sanders has to do his part. She punts when asked if she will make the first move in reaching out to Sanders. She refuses to answer whether Sanders is even on her short list of potential running mates.

2:00: Clinton is asked about the Nevada mayhem and she says she was very “disturbed” with what went on there and says she has “every confidence that we’re going to be unified.” She says she won 9 out of the last 12 contests against Obama in 2008 and knows the “intense feelings that arise” as the nomination contest closes.

1:59: “I will be the nominee of my party,” Clinton says. “That is already done.”

1:57: Clinton again focus on Trump’s proposed temporary Muslim ban and says he is now being a “recruiter” for more terrorists to join the terrorist cause. Clinton says she knows how hard the job of being president is and has concluded that Trump is not qualified.

1:56: “No, I do not,” Clinton says when Chris Cuomo asks if Trump is qualified to be president.

1:53: Clinton says Trump says a lot of things that are “provocative” that makes defeating terrorism more difficult. She uses the opportunity, as she did on Quora, to again slam Trump’s proposed temporary Muslim ban. Clinton says it is a sign of “disrespect.” She says the “whole approach is incredibly provocative and wrong-headed.”

1:52: All of a sudden, Clinton seems concerned about terrorists coming back from Syria. She tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo that we have to “pay attention to” the “literally thousands of people who have left Europe” and went to Syria and or Iraq and are connected to ISIS.

1:49: Deval Patrick doesn’t seem enthusiastic about potentially being Clinton’s running mate:

1:47: In an interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton says it does appear that the missing Egypt Air flight was an “act of terrorism.”

1:40: Koch source denies reports the Koch brothers will finance a third-party candidate:

1:30: One of her many homes:

1:10: “Bernie or Bust.” Clinton will have a tough time winning over Sanders supporters. Will the mainstream media gleefully highlight the disunity on the left like they did with the divisions on the right?

1:05: Trump’s Manafort meeting with Senate Republican chiefs of staff.

1:00: Bad Blood: Sanders’s top policy adviser donating to Wasserman Schultz’s opponent: