Hillary Clinton Campaign Declines Trump’s Challenge to Ditch Her Teleprompter

Hillary Clinton Reflection in Teleprompter APEvan Vucci
AP/Evan Vucci

Republican candidate Donald Trump challenged Democrat Hillary Clinton to get rid of her Teleprompter and give only off-the-cuff speeches. But the Clinton campaign told Breitbart News that it would not ditch the Teleprompter.

Trump made the challenge during his speech Friday at the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Louisville, Kentucky. Trump also challenged Clinton to disarm her bodyguards if she wants to abolish the Second Amendment.

“You never get yourself in trouble when you read off a Teleprompter,” Trump said. “You should have non-teleprompter-only speeches when you’re running for president.”

Reached for comment, the Clinton campaign declined to accept Trump’s challenge.

“I’m good,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told Breitbart News.

The Hillary Clinton campaign will continue using a Teleprompter.

Trump was philosophical about his appeal on the debate stage.

“I’m debating people who were on national debating teams and all these big debaters,” Trump said, referring to past opponents like Ted Cruz, who was a debate team aficionado at Princeton. “But they never had anybody interrupting them every two minutes!”

Trump also proposed a way Bernie Sanders could shake up the race.

“I think Bernie should run as an independent. I do. Then it would be the three of us on stage. I’d love that.”