Politico: #NeverTrump Movement Now Dead

Donald Trump Smiling
Getty Images

From Alex Isenstadt writing at Politico:

The Never Trump moment is over.

While a small group of Republicans has wrung its hands raw over the choice between the GOP’s nominee and Hillary Clinton, the party’s firmament – social and intellectual conservatives, the lobbyist and donor class, powerful operatives and outside groups – is increasingly getting in line behind Donald Trump.

Never mind that many of them complain about his bombastic and unpredictable political style. The thawing has slowly but surely begun – and it’s visible everywhere — from mega-donors like Foster Friess rallying Republican governors to Trump, to Mitt Romney’s allies agreeing to raise money for him, to leaders of the Never Trump movement conceding their cause is lost.

“I am slow-walking the Donald Trump candidacy. It’s a very deliberative process. You can’t beat Hillary Clinton with nothing, and the question is can we fundamentally energize conservatives quickly and can we use our joint desires to unite to find a path forward,” said Ken Blackwell, a former ambassador in the George W. Bush White House and key figure in conservative circles who formerly advised an anti-Trump super PAC. “That’s very methodically playing out.”

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