Bernie Sanders Picks Wacky Left-Wing Lineup for His Platform Committee

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses the crowd during a campaign rally at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena, April 26, 2016 in Huntington, West Virginia.
John Sommers II/Getty

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has picked a lineup of famous left-wingers to serve as his platform committee if he manages to win the Democratic nomination.

Sanders has tapped famous black intellectual Cornel West and climate change guru Bill McKibben to help shape the Democratic Party’s platform during a potential Sanders era. The only elected official on his potential platform committee is left-wing Muslim congressman Keith Ellison.

The Washington Post reported:

Sanders’s choices include James Zogby, a pro-Palestinian activist who is president of the Arab-American Institute in Washington and a frequent commentator on Arab-Israeli issues…

Sanders also picked Cornel West, a liberal author and racial justice activist who has been a Sanders surrogate. Sanders also named Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, among his most prominent elected backers, author and environmental activist Bill McKibben and Native American activist Deborah Parker.