Donald Trump on Murdoch: ‘Rupert is a Tremendous Guy’

Hollywood Reporter
Washington, DC

During a long sit-down interview with Michael Wolff for The Hollywood Reporter, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump praised media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

“Rupert is a tremendous guy. I think Rupert [who for several years lived in the Trump building on 59th and Park Avenue in Manhattan] is one of the people I really respect and like,” Trump told Wolff over a pint of ice cream in Trump’s Beverly Hills home. “And I think Rupert respects what I’ve done.”

Trump also responded to Murdoch’s critical tweets about Trump in this interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“When I got into the world of politics, that was a different realm for me and maybe he felt differently. But I think he respects what I’ve done and he’s a tremendous guy and I think we have a very good relationship,” Trump stated.

Wolff asked Trump to rate what he calls the “dishonest media,” specifically asking about “Roger Ailes at Fox News, Jeff Zucker at CNN (who previously at NBC bought The Apprentice and launched Trump as a national TV star) and Andy Lack, now the head of NBC News.”

“That’s an unfair question,” Trump responded. “I know Jeff very well. I know Roger very well. And, less well, but I think Andy has done a very good job.”

Wolff noted that despite repeatedly calling the press the “dishonest media,” Trump “is lavish in his praise of all of them.”