***2016 LiveWire*** Trump v. Clinton on Foreign Policy

Brendan Smialowski/AFP, Justin Sullivan/Getty

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

11:10: Anti-Trump agitators rip up American flag in San Jose, California:

11:05: Anti-Trump agitators attack Trump supporter, leave him bleeding:

11:03: Trump assured crowd that he won’t pay himself back with campaign donations:

11:01: Anti-Trump hoodlums reportedly spat in the faces of some Trump supporters as they were leaving the rally site, according to CNN’s Sarah Murray.

11:00: Anti-Trump agitators burning “Make America Great Again” hat:

10:59: Anti-Trump agitators reportedly also throwing eggs at Trump supporters in San Jose:

10:58: Anti-Trump agitator holding up “Viva La Raza” sign:

10:45: Anti-Trump agitators burning American flag in San Jose, California:

10:40: Huge crowd at Trump’s San Jose, California rally:

10:28: Trump blasts the “dirty” and “disgusting” Washington Post for investigating the money his campaign raised for veterans.

10:20: Trump: “Hillary Clinton has to go to jail.” Trump also blasts Clinton for saying Americans should be worried about his finger on the button, mentioning that Clinton raised her hand to go to war in Iraq.

10:18: Trump says Clinton can make more money if she makes speeches for people who can’t sleep. He says it’s tough to stay awake listening to her robotic speeches.

10:15: More rowdy anti-Trump protesters:

10:12: Trump again says he thinks he can win California in a general election. He says he’s going to run hard in states like California and New York. He says these are two states that no other Republican would ever dare to compete in in a general election.

10:03: Trump says “anything Obama wants, she’s going for it” because “she doesn’t want to go to jail!” Trump says Clinton used to hate Obama. Talking about Clinton’s email scandal, Trump says Clinton is “guilty as hell.” He promises it will be a “big topic on the campaign trail” if Clinton gets away with it.

10:02: Truly vulgar anti-Trump agitators:

9:58: Trump again says Clinton “doesn’t look presidential.” He says “we’re not going to have a country left” with “four more years of this.”

9:55: Police presence increasing in San Jose outside of Trump’s rally:

9:52: Trump mentions that those at the rally must not like basketball that much. Game one of the NBA finals is being played in Oakland between Golden State and Cleveland.

9:50: Disorderly anti-Trump agitators outside of Trump’s event in San Jose, California (agitators waving Mexican flags and in Mexican national team soccer jerseys):

9:45: In San Jose, California, Trump slams Clinton for giving a “political speech” instead of a foreign policy speech. He says Clinton’s speech was “pathetic.” Trump predicts he will get a lot of “Bernie supporters” in November.

6:45: Trump claims that he is not thin-skinned.

6:40: Sanders attacks Clinton for her Iraq War vote and Libya policy:

6:25: Miller also says that Clinton wants to put the Constitution through a “paper shredder” because she has said that Obama’s executive amnesty did not go far enough.

[Miller is perhaps the one Trump surrogate who is ready for prime time and can spar with the mainstream media’s best.]

6:15: Miller says the most important factor regarding foreign policy is philosophy. He says Trump’s philosophy is “America First,” which means NATO will have to pay its fair share and no nation building. He says Clinton represents an “internationalist, America-last foreign policy” that seeks to nation-build with American blood and dollars. Miller says “you have to send a message to our allies” that they have to pay their fair shares instead of being freeloaders. Miller says Clinton represents a failed “Washington-only consensus” that has proven to be “disastrous.” Miller points out that Clinton, as Secretary of State, allowed her husband to give speeches Chinese government entities while those entities had business before Clinton’s State Department. He notes that all of this is documented in Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash book. Miller says the Chinese government funneled money into the Clinton’s bank account while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

“That is corruption on a scale beyond imagination,” Miller tells Wolf Blitzer.

6:10: On CNN, Trump’s Senior Adviser Stephen Miller says that Clinton’s decision to make this a referendum on foreign policy is the worst decision since her Libya policy. She says before Clinton/Obama, Obama was choked off by sanctions while Iraq was stabilizing. Miller says Iran is closer than ever to a nuclear weapon, Libya is in disarray, Syria is a failed state with 4 million refugees, and a more belligerent and a hostile North Korea. Miller says Clinton’s foreign policy signature is a “trail of blood and death” and says there is chaos, destruction, and death everywhere after four years of Clinton’s foreign policy.

5:55: Line to get into Trump’s San Jose event reportedly formed at 8:30 AM PST:

5:45: Trump happy to receive Ryan’s endorsement:

5:25: Rush Limbaugh: Obama “livid” at Trump’s Twitter skills:

He is livid that Trump is so creative on Twitter. He’s jealous as hell of it, and he’s angry that people respond positively to it. I told you yesterday. I told you yesterday, there’s all kinds of jealously. One of the reasons that Trump has got some opposition, is there are people jealous. There are all kinds of people in politics, in the media — you name it elsewhere — corporate America, jealous. They would love to be Trump. They would love to experience what Trump is experienced. They would love to be the focal point and the recipient of all of this positive energy, massive crowds.


5:10: Sanders courting super delegates after his campaign called “presumptive nominee” Hillary Clinton “presumptuous.”

Earlier, activists again tried to rush the stage as Sanders was speaking:

5:05: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder refuses to endorse Donald Trump. He’s probably doing Trump a favor because nobody wants to be associated with Snyder after the Flint water crisis.


4:35: On CNN, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he would not draft legislation for Trump if Trump asked him for a bill temporarily banning Muslims. “I’d say no,” he said, adding that he’d tell him it was a “really bad idea.” McC

3:50: Ryan reportedly did not give Trump a heads up before endorsing him:

3:40: As Clinton tries to robotically and professorially attack Trump, keep in mind that a Quinnipiac poll found that “voters say 47 – 39 percent that they would rather invite Trump to a backyard barbecue.”

3:36: Clinton says Donald Trump’s “got it all wrong” and says “don’t let anyone tell you America isn’t great.” She says this election is a “choice between two very different visions of America.”

“One that’s angry, afraid and based on the idea that America is fundamentally weak and in decline,” Clinton says. “The other is hopeful, generous and confident in the knowledge that America is great just like we always have been.”

3:35: Clinton on potential Trump presidency: “historical mistake.” She says a Trump presidency will fuel an “ugly narrative” about who we are.

3:33: Clinton says every president faces “hard choices” every day with imperfect information. She says making the right call takes a “cool head” and “respect for the facts” and a “willingness to listen” to other’s points of view with humility. She says it also takes someone who understands he doesn’t know everything because someone who thinks he does won’t ask the tough questions. Clinton asks voters to imagine if Trump had the entire American arsenal at his disposal instead of just his Twitter account when someone angers him.

“Do we want his finger anywhere near the button?”

3:31: Clinton says Trump should remember that plenty of Muslims and immigrants fight in our Armed Forces every time he insults immigrants and Muslims. She says Donald Trump can learn something from them.

3:28: Clinton blasts Trump’s Muslim ban and says it will embolden ISIS. She also says “this isn’t reality television. This is actual reality.” She says defending the homeland takes more than “empty talk and slogans.”

3:27: Clinton claims Trump has “no idea” how to stop ISIS. She mocks Trump’s comments about giving ISIS Syria.

3:23: Clinton says she can’t understand Trump’s “bizarre fascination” with dictators and strongmen who have no love for America. Clinton says Putin will eat Trump’s lunch.

3:20: Clinton says there is no risk of people losing their lives if you blow up a golf course deal. She says being interviewed on 60 Minutes on the same episode as Putin doesn’t mean you can deal with him. Right on cue, Clinton says she’s willing to bet Trump is writing a few “nasty Tweets” right now.

3:19: Trump blasts Clinton’s “poor performance” reading off of a TelePrompTer:

3:16: Clinton says the Kremlin will be “celebrating” if Trump becomes president.

3:15: Paul Ryan endorses Trump for president just as Hillary Clinton talks about wanting a “confident America.”

3:11: Clinton says she has sat in the Situation Room and advised Obama on some of the toughest decisions. She says she believes in “strong alliances” and a “rock-solid commitment to the values that have always made America great.” She says she believes America is an “exceptional country” and not a country that “cowers behind walls.”

3:10: Clinton says Trump will take America down a “truly dangerous path.” She then robotically reads her resume.

3:09: Clinton accuses Trump of believing that America is “weak” and calling the U.S. military a “disaster.”

3:08: Clinton says Trump believes he can treat the U.S. economy like one of his casinos and default on the debt.

[Clinton, like Romney, sounds robotic attacking Trump by reading off of a TelePrompter. Trump’s “personal” attacks are much more effective because voters believe they come from the heart and weren’t written for him by consultants who reviewed hours of focus group tapes.]

3:07: Clinton says Trump temperamentally unfit to occupy the White House. “This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes,” she says. Clinton says it’s not hard to imaging Trump leading us into war because someone got under his “very thin skin.” She warns against Trump “rolling the dice” with America.

3:06: Clinton says “the person the Republicans have nominated for president” can’t do the job.

She says Trump’s ideas are “dangerous.” She says they are not even ideas but bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies.

3:05: Clinton says she’s going to keep America’s security at the heart of her campaign. [Trump won’t let her get away with Benghazi a la Romney in 2012]

3:00: In San Diego, California, Hillary Clinton wants to speak about a “smart and principled foreign policy” and the “choice at stake in this election.” She says it is a choice between a “fearful America” and a “strong, confident America.”

[To show how both political establishments think and sound alike, Paul Ryan also uses “confident America.” Not as catchy as “Make America Great Again.]

2:15: Clinton gets Puerto Rico Governor’s endorsement. Sanders gets New Hampshire super delegate.

2:08: Interesting: Clinton campaign took out the Trump/Putin kiss from its foreign policy video:

2:00: Would it be too much for the RNC to hire a non-establishment-approved person every now and then?

1:53: Susan Sarandon predicts Hillary Clinton indictment in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing:


1:45: Clinton getting ready to deliver her foreign policy speech (19 American flags). Will voters really care? Ask John Kerry:


1:25: He also vows to reopen Trump University:

1:20: Trump says Clinton is getting ready to “misrepresent my foreign policy positions.”


1:15: Clinton campaign releases foreign policy video attacking Trump:

1:10: GOP establishment grand poobah Fred Malek tells MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that he is voting for Trump because “it’s important to reassert America’s leadership in the world” and stop the leftward lurch of the last eight years. He also says regulations and taxes will be better under a Trump administration. Malek, a graduate of West Point, says unlike Obama, says if Trump draws a line in the sand, “he means it.” He also says Trump is “strong enough to stand up to the despots of the world” and will lead from the front and not from behind like Obama. 

But Malek points out that Trump needs to exert more discipline on the campaign trail and needs to stop taking two steps forward and then two steps back. Malek wrote a column this week in the Washington Post urging Trump to stop attacking fellow Republicans after Trump eviscerated New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, who has been harshly critical of Trump even though she owes her political career to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement (many of Palin’s supporters are also Trump supporters).

1:05: CNN fact-checks Trump in chyron:


1:00: Ahead of Clinton’s foreign policy address in which she will slam Trump, Trump cites Clinton’s foreign policy “monsters.”