Bill Clinton Clashes With Obama’s Rosy Economic Narrative

Bill Clinton New Mexico Getty
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President Barack Obama has spent the week touting the strength of the economy, assuring Americans that there is no better time to be alive than now.

But former President Bill Clinton reminds Americans of an inconvenient truth — economic growth fell to a half of percent in the last quarter.

“We can also see our economic growth cut to half percent because of all this trouble around the world dragging us down,” he said. (The Commerce Department later revised the number to 0.8 percent).

Clinton spoke during a campaign rally in Las Cruces, New Mexico, arguing that although the American economy remains the strongest in the world, the economies of other countries around the world are failing.

“All over the world you have sagging economies, declining Middle Class incomes rising inequality and declining upward mobility,” he said.

He ominously warned that without change, the United States was facing economic decline.

“I want to tell you something that people normally don’t say in political primaries,” he said. “Every citizen who votes now has to be concerned about how we’re going to get the economy working for everybody — and how we’re going to keep all these troubles around the world from sinking our ship.”

Clinton pointed out that more countries were offering solutions like Donald Trump, who supported building walls to protect the country’s economic interests from illegal immigration and terrorism. He argued, however, that his wife’s economy would be more “inclusive.”

“You can build all the walls you want, you cannot shut the world out because of social media, so she wants to build a future with bridges, not walls,” he said.

Clinton boasted that Hillary was currently the best choice for president.

“There is nobody in America, man or woman, as well qualified to be president at this moment,” he said.