Donald Trump Replaces Rick Wiley with Jim Murphy as Political Director

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an event at the annual Rolling Thunder "Ride for Freedom" parade ahead of Memorial Day in Washington, DC, on May 29, 2016. / AFP / Andrew CABALLERO (Photo credit should read ANDREW CABALLERO/AFP/Getty Images)
Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump hired Jim Murphy to replace Rick Wiley, who was fired more than a week ago, as the campaign’s new national political director.

Murphy will help with the communications team, which is reportedly hiring two new staff members this week to help Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks, according to the New York Times.

Murphy, of JLM Consulting, previously worked as senior advisor to Bob Dole’s presidential campaigns in 1988 and 1996. He has also worked floor operations during three GOP conventions.

Murphy first worked in politics for New Hampshire Republican Sen. Gordon J. Humphrey. He’s also familiar with Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski from working together in the past.