Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Stalled, Say GOP Critics

REUTERS/Jonathan Drake

Donald Trump is wasting time, getting distracted, not hiring enough experienced campaign staff, not scheduling enough fundraisers, not correcting campaign errors and not focusing his efforts on knocking down Hillary Clinton, GOP critics say in an AP article.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump is wasting precious time.

By now, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was supposed to have stationed senior staff in battleground states, moderated his fiery message to attract new supporters and begun raking in big money.

Instead, he’s spending more time right now picking fights and settling scores than delivering a message that might help draw voters.

Five long weeks since he defeated his last remaining GOP rival, Republicans fear the New York billionaire has squandered his head start. As Democrat Hillary Clinton eyes her party’s nomination, Trump’s campaign has been roiled by infighting, his battleground strategy is lagging and his fundraising operation is barely off the ground.

“I am getting bad marks from certain pundits because I have a small campaign staff. But small is good, flexible, save money and number one!” Trump insisted on Twitter.

Some would-be Republican supporters also fear his unwillingness to budge from a flame-throwing formula targeting immigrants and Muslims that worked so well in the GOP primary.

Case in point: Trump’s recent comments about the Mexican heritage of the judge presiding over a case against his now-defunct Trump University. The Republican businessman has refused to back down from his claim that the judge’s ethnic background creates a conflict of interest, drawing scorn from across the GOP as well as the legal community.

“Once you go down that road, you destroy America,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a prominent Trump supporter, said Monday in a radio interview with “The John Gibson Show.”

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