CR: Time for #NeverTrump to ‘Man Up or Shut Up’

Gage Skidmore CC

At Conservative Review, Brian Darling challenges Bill Kristol and his fellow #NeverTrump supporters:

The #NeverTrump movement needs to get a grip.

The Weekly Standard’s open letter is an example out how desperate the #NeverTrump people have become.  Anti-Trump derangement syndrome has infected the conservative movement and motivated many anti-Trumpers to embarrass themselves.

The Republican voters have spoken and they chose Donald Trump. None of the candidates mentioned ran this cycle. Bill Kristol needs to grow a pair and run for president. It is easy to beg and cajole every other conservative under the sun to run as an independent against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, yet it deifies logic that anybody would do something that Kristol, over at the Weekly Standard, is unwilling to do himself.

Read the whole thing.